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Blipteam's tech centre is based in Kullu Valley in the Indian Himalaya. This is prime-time adventure travel country - we are right next door to Tibet and our alpine valley is home to a ton of adventure sport activities.

Blipteam's development team is located at 2000m in Kullu Valley, India. This is all beautiful alpine country, with thick forests full of cedar and pine (and many villages with natives occasionally gone berserk with visually challenged architecture). The end of our valley is the gateway to the Greater Himalaya - you can ride over the Rohtang Pass (4000m) to Ladakh, Spiti and the rest of the bit of the Tibetan Plateau that extends into India. These are places out of the imagination, moonscapes full of highland trekking routes, high-altitude deserts and lakes and ancient Buddhist monasteries and mud-hut villages.

There's endless possibilities for adventure travel and extreme sport here. Rugged landscape combined with nice sunny weather (we do have our dark patches and overcast days) make for fantastic trekking, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, motorcycling, skiing and whitewater rafting or kayaking.

This is home base and this is where we're crafting the next generation of networking and e-commerce technology.

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We are looking for web programmers, front-end developers and designers to dive in and help us develop the Blipteam product.

A typical day at Blipteam involves fetching water from the river, chopping firewood and saddling the horses... well, not exactly, but you get the picture - we try and spend as much time outside as possible between code tests.

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We're looking for like-minded coders and designers to come and help us develop our e-commerce platform. Our mandate is to help small businesses succeed online. That is the bigger picture we are working towards. While we're doing that, we're also taking out time for igloo-building and barbecues out in the forest - cooking skills are as important as your computer programming skills. But be warned - you will probably have to build your own desk in our small woodworking shop (if you have any fingers left you can sit down and write some code too..).

Invent stuff, engineer kick-ass web/mobile apps and have a total adventure while doing it.

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The highest mountain road on the planet runs right through our backyard. The Manali-Leh highway goes over several 5000m-high passes. It is our favorite motorcycling road anywhere in the world. And it can be yours for 400 lines of Javascript!

We need people with e-commerce applications experience. We are also looking for front-end developers with CSS and Javascript skills to work on the Blipteam Design Engine and develop mobile-friendly interfaces. Mobile app developers are also encouraged to get in touch. UX and graphic designers who can combine strong visual design skills with front-end development abilities are welcome. And then we need to get it all out there - content marketers and growth hackers who can drive growth and manage social. Folks with beer-brewing skills are welcome too.

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Want to sign up?

Drop us a line and tell us what you are great at: work@blipteam.com. Prospective Blipteamers are encouraged to land up under their own steam - bus, fly, catapult, whatever, and we can pick you up from the local bus station / airport.

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