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Blipteam - Prohibited & Restricted Items

1. Prohibited Uses

Websites and businesses engaged in the following type of activities are prohibited:

- Illegal and potentially illegal products and services

- Adult Entertainment (sexually oriented content and products)

- Content that exploits under-age individuals or minors

- Pirated content

- Sale and distribution of copyrighted or unapproved third-party content

- Firearms, ammunition and weapons

- Tobacco, tobacco subsitutes and related products

- Drugs, controlled substances, and related devices

- Medicinal products, unapproved medical devices, unapproved pharmaceutical products

- Marijuana

- Unapproved financial products and services

- Gambling and lotteries

- Online gaming and in-game items

- Employment agencies

- Matrimonial and dating services

- Unlicensed branded goods and replicas

- Telemarketing services

- Unlicensed and/or unapproved automotive products and services

- Cultural artifacts and antiques

- File-sharing services

- Legal services

- Wigs and hairpieces

- Illegal electronics

- Astrological products and services

- Unapproved food products

- Sites that promote hatred, racism, or persecution of any groups or individuals

- Sites involved in exploitation of any groups or individuals

- Exploitation of animals and related animal-based products

2. Restricted Uses

- Substances, materials and equipment controlled by government regulations

- Products and services involved in environmentally detrimental activities

- Religious products and activities

- Branded products

3. Customer Service Contact

To get in touch with our Customer Service - please visit our Customer Support page.

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