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The Blipteam Story


Blipteam's founders worked with a number of small businesses across Europe and Asia and realised the need for a solution that made it really, really easy for all these businesses to go online with their products and services. We also realised that a lot of these small businesses collaborate with each other in the real world, sharing services and refering customers to complementary brands and banding together on small projects. It would be great if they could collaborate online too and so Blipteam v.2 was born.


Our design engine takes all the effort out of creating a quality interface for your website or online store. And our networking engine gives you the power to expand your small online store into a marketplace, by sourcing products and services from your network. You can cross-sell, create virtual teams and set up virtual warehouses and share information between online properties.


Or you can keep it simple and just run your own brand. Everything is possible.

Fix The Planet

Commerce and the environment usually do not go together, but it is about time they did

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