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Blipteam's founders worked with multiple businesses across North America, Europe and Asia. While some of these companies were huge Fortune 500 corporations, many of these were small-mid-sized companies started by enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Putting your savings and wits into a start-up and setting sail into uncharted territory can be scary business, but there are few things as interesting as getting a new company off the ground. There are no rules and the challenge is to figure out branding, marketing, product development, funding, team building and above all, how to innovate continously.


Blipteam is the bit where we get all you entrepreneurs up and running in cyberspace. We blend brand and technology to ensure you have the best ecommerce interface between you and your audience. We also learn from you and it is always interesting to be thrown a challenge - a request for a new feature, or an idea for a new technology altogether. Here's how we do it all, learn more about the happy gang at our tech base >

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