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Making a website is pretty simple with Blipteam. Just sign up and follow the instructions and you can get a basic website for your business up and running within a matter of minutes. What takes longer is coming up with quality content and promoting it online. You may even want to start selling something on it in which case you will have to create product pages, set up shipping rates, add payment accounts. We take care of all the tech stuff.


What you do need to be prepared for is collecting a lot of images and generating some text that will bring your website to life. Remember, you are probably great at what you do in real life and are probably awesome at selling just about anything. But on your website it is images and text that convey your message. So spend time on polishing these and we will take care of the design and other things like how to deliver it to mobiles and all other kinds of devices.

It helps to prepare a bit before you dive in. Take a look at our sections on formulating your Business Strategy and your Marketing Plan. Or just scroll down and start building!

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