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Right, time to get your thinking cap on. You may be a whiz with words and have your entire site running in 4 hours but if you are not an award-winning copywriter (or hate copywriting or something), don't be disheartened. Just start with one simple line about your business offering or your product or activity. You don't need to come up with a complete Icelandic saga at this stage. Remember that site map we did in the section on Structure? All we did was structure a potentially huge and chaotic business operation into 3 simple buckets. You can write a chunk of text in the same way. Take a section or page in your site map and do the following:


1. Introduce your offering (1 line)

2. Describe its features (3 lines)

3. What makes it different or better? Sum up the benefits (3 lines)

4. How to get it / experience it / do it / purchase it (1 line)

5. You're done!


The best way is to say what you think. You may be a football coach or a rocket scientist or a pizza chef. You're the best at what you do and even if you write one line it will be original. Even the best copywriter might start with that - your original words - and then add bells and whistles to it. And if it comes to that, explore professional options - a freelance writer, or a content writer, someone who even does a bit of content writing or technical writing. Journalism or marketing major students in your area might be a good start. The key to writing a decent description for your products or services is to state facts clearly, keep decoration to a minimum and if possible, tell a great story.



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