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Our digital marketplace platform lets you use your own logo and select from a number of themes that you can customise to your own branding. Each one of your sellers can choose to have their own branding as well. But when you 'Add' their products to your ecommerce marketplace your branding is applied to all external products.


How do you find sellers and products to sell?


If you are thinking of starting an online marketplace on Blipteam you should do a bit of planning before-hand. Is this an online travel marketplace? Is this a clothing marketplace? Is this an automotive marketplace for 4x4 parts in Alaska? Once you've done that you'll need to start inviting potential sellers to your digital marketplace to build their webstores on Blipteam.


It is easy to build and start selling using our digital marketplace platform but better if you know how to use it yourself as both marketplace owner and store operator. Then you can give your sellers a demo and get them onboard fast. Give Blipteam a test drive and get in touch with our marketplace platform support team if you have any questions.


What is the difference between a digital marketplace website and a regular webstore on Blipteam?


You can create products using a single store on Blipteam. Or you can sign up as a marketplace and sign up webstores to supply products to your marketplace site. Your webstores can also operate their own websites under their own domain names on Blipteam but they only supply to one marketplace which is yours.


Payments and Transactions


Blipteam uses third-party payment gateways to process payments. You will need to sign up with one or our payment providers to activate your Blipteam shopping cart and start accepting payments. Once you are signed up your products become 'active'. Then customers can arrive at your digital marketplace or webstore and start adding products into the shopping cart. When they check out they are taken to a secure payment gateway provided by the payment provider where they can complete the payment.


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