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How To Set Up Your Marketplace - 10 Steps

Thinking of building an online marketplace? You don't need an army of programmers - our ecommerce marketplace builder platform lets you set up your ecommerce marketplace website fast with only a few clicks. You can sign up and figure out the basics in 15 minutes and then drop us a line if you have any questions. Here's 10 steps that show you how to set up an online marketplace website on Blipteam:

1. First create your basic marketplace website on Blipteam
Think of a name for your e-commerce marketplace (you can always change it later). Go the Blipteam home page, sign up and our system will help you set up your marketplace or your 'master' site.


2. Create a test seller account
Open your marketplace site (in another browser, so you can keep your marketplace running in your current browser). In the top nav on your web page hit the 'Create A Listing' link. Follow the link and create an account for a test seller. You get a choice for creating either an 'Individual' account for sellers with one-off or 1-5 listings. Or you can create a 'Business' account for more advanced sellers who need to create large product bases with more complex shipping profiles (your Business sellers can also use these accounts to run independent web stores with their own domain names if they like).


3. Create a test listing
Create a dummy listing/product with a price and image.


4. Your seller gets added to your marketplace account
Go into your marketplace account and click the 'Sellers' tab - your seller has been added to your sellers list (Individual or Business, whichever option you chose earlier). View their seller details to access their listings and add them to your site. Click on 'View Site' and locate the product in your marketplace site.


5. Activate payments on your e-commerce marketplace website
Go into 'Payments' in your master site, set up your payment details. Then set up payments for your test seller too. Your seller's product is now ready for sale. Make a test sale and see how it works.


6. Sign up real sellers to your online marketplace
Now that you know how the setup works, you can get actual sellers to build their web stores on Blipteam and create actual products with prices and images. Be sure to give them the link to your seller sign-up page before they sign up - this will automatically attach them to your marketplace. Then 'Add' all their listings to your master site.


7. Start using your own domain name
Upgrade your Blipteam account and start using your own domain name. You also get access to site analytics and our Search Engine Optimization features once you upgrade.


8. Promote your online marketplace
Read up on ecommerce and digital marketing, promote your marketplace - spread the word via social, attend industry events.


9. Check your Orders
View all your orders in your 'Orders' page. Your sellers get a copy of the same order and they can mark them as 'Complete' as and when they are shipped out.


10. Collect commissions via Stripe
You can set an app fee in your Blipteam/Stripe settings and charge commissions on each transaction carried out via your marketplace site. This fee is applied only to item prices and not to shipping or tax amounts. The app fee is credited to your Stripe account after each successful sale.


We have lots more information on setting up your marketplace - on solving e-commerce logistics, on different industry types and setting up webstores for your sellers and merchants. Visit the Blipteam Mag for more info on marketplaces, online stores and digital marketing. Also see the following if you want to learn more about how to make an online marketplace:


See how it works - learn how to set up an online marketplace: Online Marketplace Builder

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