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What is Blipteam?


Blipteam is a website builder that features a networking engine. You can basically do two things with Blipteam:


i) Build an online store to sell your products or create a business website.

ii) Create a multi-store ecommerce marketplace where each of your sellers gets their own webstore.


You can also “Connect” your webstore with other Blipteam users to cross-sell products and share information. This feature is optional. If you like, you can operate your own webstore without ever interacting with other Blipteam users. Our networking engine simply gives you the power to expand your market and product outreach by connecting with other Blipteam users to share products and services. You can use this networking feature to create globally distributed businesses or create mini-marketplaces on Blipteam. Learn more here >

How do I sell on Blipteam?


You can create “Product” pages on Blipteam and upload your product images and prices. A shopping cart is added to your site as soon as you upload your first product. You will also need to sign up with one of our payment partners to “activate” your products and start receiving payments.


The payment provider may ask you for documents related to your business such as your business registration, tax registration, personal IDs, business address proofs and so on. Once your payment account is set up all you have to do is enter your payment provider ID in “Ecommerce/Payments” and your shopping cart is good to go. As simple as that - no technical stuff required.

What do I need before I start my Blipteam site?


All you need is an email address to start your Blipteam site.


It helps if you have decided on a name for your website or web store. You will also need to put your contact details up on your site so have that in place. You will also need good images for your home page and other parts of your site.


You’ll also need to think about what products you plan to sell to your customers, about prices and shipping and if you have enough product images. You may need a logo for your business and you’ll probably have to generate some content for your site so make sure you have some resources in place.

Is it complicated?


Blipteam has been designed for business users with little or no technical skills. All you have to do is upload images and enter some text. There is a checklist on the start page - if you follow all the points on this list you will get closer to finishing your website. Uploading products is simple. You can create multiple product pages - just enter the name of the product, the description and an image, a variant name and price and you're in business. The app guides you along the way with simple action items and suggestions.

Where is Blipteam available?


You can create a website anywhere in the world using Blipteam.


When you want to sell via Blipteam, however, we are restricted to the coverage by our supported payment providers. Sometimes, this coverage is restricted by (local) banking rules.


Please check the countries supported via Stripe.

Does Blipteam allow me to sell any product via


You are allowed to sell most products using Blipteam as long as your sales activities comply with local law. Additionally, Blipteam does not allow you to sell weapons such as (but not limited to) guns, swords, knives, and so on. Users violating this rule will be banned from the platform.

Can I include a newsletter sign-up at my web site?


Blipteam does currently not support newsletter sign-up.


There are many services available that can provide you a newsletter sign-up, for instance Mailchimp. You can sign up for a Mailchimp account and link to the sign-up page from your Blipteam web site.


Please let us know on if you think having a newsletter sign-up would be of added value. We consider new features on a monthly basis.

Does Blipteam also provide me with an e-mail address?


Blipteam does currently not support e-mail addresses.


There are many services available that can provide you a free e-mail address, such as Live or Gmail. You can sign up for an e-mail address via these sites and promote it on your Blipteam web site.


Please let us know on if you think having a Blipteam e-mail address would be of added value. We consider new features on a monthly basis.

Does Blipteam support different languages?


Blipteam is currently only supporting English.


We are considering implementing other languages soon. Please let us know at which languages you are speaking.

I’m lost, what do I do?


If you are logged in, just click the “Start” button under the “My Site” tab – this page has instructions on how to set up your site.

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