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Website Design and Layout

Can I change the site/store name that appears in my website heading?


You can change your site or store name in the "My Site" section - go to “Site Settings” and click the “Site Name” link. You can also upload your logo to your Blipteam website – just click the “Logo” link.

Can I add my own images to my web pages?


You can upload your own images to your home page, product pages and other pages. Blipteam also provides you with the facility to create animated page banners with text labels for each image – just upload your images and text and our design engine does the rest.

What should be the size of my images?


The Blipteam Design Engine converts all uploaded images to 2000x1500 pixels. It is recommended that you upload images at least this size or bigger. Smaller images, when stretched out to banner size, will probably get pixelated and not display properly. Check your image dimensions before upload. Raw images from most smart phones are okay to upload to Blipteam. Try and upload horizontal (or landscape) images to Blipteam – vertical (or portrait) don’t work so well.

Can I change the look and feel of my web pages?


Blipteam provides you a number of “themes” to choose from in the “Site Settings / Design” section. You can change your theme with a single click, as many times as you want, whenever you want. You can also customise your theme by changing your layout, colors and fonts, all with a single click. Our design engine has been built for business users who may not possess advanced design skills - all you have to do is click a button and our design engine does the rest.

How do I change my website template?


Blipteam web templates are called “themes”. You can change your theme simply by selecting another theme in the “Design” section under the “Site Settings” heading. All Blipteam themes support the same web functions, so you will not lose any functionality when switching. Changing back is easy, too. Just click your old theme and your site will go back to your previous design. Our themes are organised by different categories – Simple, Business, Action, Casual and so on. These categories help you narrow down our many options to a design that best suits your business.

Does my web site also work well on mobile or tablet?


Blipteam templates are all mobile responsive, meaning they perform well on most kinds of screens – laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Which internet browsers work with Blipteam?


Blipteam works best on the most popular internet browsers Chrome, Firefox, IE/Edge and Safari.

When a theme I use is updated, how is that reflected on my website?


Any updates made to your theme is automatically reflected on your live site, you do not have to do a thing. We may upgrade themes to accommodate design and technical features from time-to-time but we will do so without disturbing your general site design and functionality.

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