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How do I set up shipping on Blipteam?


Blipteam lets you set up a number of shipping categories by weight or size. Each one of these categories is called a shipping 'class'. Here are some examples of shipping classes:


- Small

- Medium

- Heavy


Once you have defined your shipping 'classes' you can set up a number of 'zones':


- Domestic (United States)

- Europe (all the countries in Europe)

- Middle East (all the countries in the middle east)

- Exclusions (the countries you do not ship to)

- Rest of the World (all the countries that are left over)


You can then define different shipping 'modes for each one of your zones, for example:



- Regular

- Express

- Next Day


Rest of the World

- Intl Express


You can now set up shipping rates for each one of your classes by using these zones and modes. Here is a screen grab of how shipping works on Blipteam for one particular class:

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Similarly you can set up shipping rates for each of your zones in your 'Small' class in the above example. Once your 'Small' class is ready you can apply it to all the products in your store that fall under the 'Small' category.

When I ship my products, can I add a tracking code when I sell via Blipteam?


Right now you can only define shipping rates on Blipteam. You have to select your carrier offline and manage your tracking codes via their system. Tracking codes cannot be put in the Blipteam system right now.

How do I print shipping labels?


Blipteam currently does not support printing shipping labels.

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