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Building An Online Marketplace

How do I start building an online marketplace on Blipteam?


You have to sign up on Blipteam and select the "Marketplace" option after registering. Your sellers sign up on Blipteam via your seller sign-up page. Their listings - product or informational - start showing up on your seller management page.


In your marketplace account you will find a 'Sellers' button in the site editor where you can add your sellers' products and other content to your website. E-commerce is already built in and all you have to do is sign up with one of our payment providers and start selling your seller products (or services) via your own online marketplace.

Can I use my own domain name?


Yes, you can use your own domain name, like for example

Why would any seller want to be a part of my Blipteam online marketplace?


You can offer your business sellers a free, e-commerce-enabled, mobile-friendly website after they sign up to your online marketplace. They can then run their own webstores under their own domain names and simultaneously supply their products to your online marketplace. For individual sellers it is a matter of simply signing up and creating a product listing - it takes just a few minutes to create a listing.

How will I find customers for my online marketplace?


You will need to have a good number of sellers and quality products and content in your e-commerce marketplace to attract customers. Lets say you build an online marketplace on Blipteam and get all the B&Bs or small hotels in your area to supply you with their products and content. You can then add local attractions and eating places and other places interest to your e-commerce marketplace. This kind of content will be of immense value to business and casual travelers who are planning to visit your area. Your online marketplace could come up in Google searches and online publications would list your online travel marketplace as a valuable source of information and accommodations for your area.

Do I have to sell physical products on my online marketplace?


You don't need to sell physical products in order to start building an online marketplace on Blipteam. You can use Blipteam to build an online marketplace for professional services or you can use Blipteam to collate information from various sources. For example, you could get all the home improvement pros in your area to sign up for Blipteam and provide their services via your own home improvement marketplace. Or you could get 200 cooks to put up their recipe websites on Blipteam and then you could share all these recipes on your own Master Chef Portal.

How does it work?


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