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How do I sell on Blipteam?


You can create “Product” pages on Blipteam and upload your product images and prices. A shopping cart is added to your site as soon as you upload your first product. You will also need to sign up with one of our payment partners to “activate” your products and start receiving payments.


The payment provider may ask you for documents related to your business such as your business registration, tax registration, personal IDs, business address proofs and so on. Once your payment account is set up all you have to do is enter your payment provider ID into your Blipteam “Ecommerce / Payments” section and your shopping cart is good to go. As simple as that - no technical stuff required.

What is a variant?


A product can have multiple "Variants". For example, you may have a product called "Round-necked T-shirt" and the variants might be "Small", "Medium" and "Large". Variants are the basic product units that you sell on Blipteam. You're not actually selling the "Round-necked T-shirt", you are selling individual variations of this product, which in this case are "Small", "Medium" and "Large". Variants of a product can have different prices and quantities and descriptions. Blipteam requires you to have Variants for each product. If your product has only one variant then you have to enter one variant with a variant name and price. When you delete a product, you delete all its variants as well. Here are some examples of products and variants:


Round-necked T-shirt (Red)
Kenya Safari
14 - 21 October 2017
Luxury 8-day tour
02 - 12 November 2017
Budget 12-day tour
09 - 14 December 2017
Super-Luxury 5-day tour
Can of white paint
Can of white paint


You can also specify available quantities for each product. For example you might have "100" Small t-shirts available in your inventory and you might have "12" open places on each of your Kenya Tours.

What is an SKU?


SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. You can specify SKUs for each one of your product variants to help you manage your product inventory and track sales. Here's an example: a "Red T-shirt, size Small" could be "T-Shirt-Red-S". SKUs are optional in Blipteam. We do not automatically assign SKUs at the moment.

What payment options does Blipteam support?


Free accounts on Blipteam currently support payment using Stripe. The Stripe service supports payments via its own system and the most popular credit card types Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You need to create a Stripe account and connect that with Blipteam in order to start receiving orders. You can upgrade your Blipteam account and get access to more payment providers.

Can I choose my own payment provider in combination with Blipteam?


You can only use Blipteam approved payment providers with the Blipteam service.


At this moment Blipteam approves payments via Stripe and a number of other payment providers. Please create an account to view the complete list.

Will a shopping cart save if a customer leaves and returns later?


When a site visitor leaves its shopping cart, currently the abandoned cart is lost.

When will customers be charged?


The moment your customers are charged depends on the settings with your payment provider.

How many products can I add to my site?


You can add as many products as you want on Blipteam.

Can I add a “want”-button to my product pages?


At this moment Blipteam does not support a “want”-button or user wish-list.

Can I sell products across multiple stores?


You can create multiple stores on Blipteam with different user accounts. You can then connect these stores using our networking features and sell common products between them. This feature is useful for businesses with globally-distributed businesses. You may have global products but different stores for different markets. See how Blipteam works to understand this feature better.

Can I use a comma instead of a dot in my money format?


Currently Blipteam supports a single money format only that consists of commas to separate thousands. This is how your price will be displayed: $2,595.00

Can I use multiple currencies in my store?


Blipteam currently supports a number of currencies including British Pounds, European Euros and American Dollars. You can only select one of these for your entire Blipteam store. Click on “Payments” under "Ecommerce" to see available currency options.

Why is the customer account sign up after checkout? I want it available sooner.


Currently, Blipteam is supporting a single basic checkout process that includes the customer account sign up. Since Blipteam focuses on easy and small web sites, we have chosen for a straightforward sign up process that is part of the customer’s order flow.

Why do my customers leave my website to complete checkout?


Blipteam makes use of external payment providers such as Stripe. This means that your customers do leave the Blipteam web site briefly to complete the payment of their order.

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