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Domain Names

What is a domain name?


A domain name, also referred to as URL or simply put internet address, is the address (name) that people type in within their browser to go to your web site. A default Blipteam domain name starts with, the address you used to register for a Blipteam account.

What is my default Blipteam domain name?


Blipteam assigns you a default domain name based on your site name. For example if you entered “A Star Pizza” as your site name then your domain name will be “”. Similarly, all your product and info pages are automatically assigned domain names by the system. You can only use letters and numbers in your names – symbols and special characters like dots, commas and apostrophes are not allowed. You can also use your own domain name on Blipteam (see below).

I don't like my default Blipteam domain name; can I change it?


There’s no way to change your default Blipteam domain name unless you change your site name. Your default Blipteam domain name depends on what you enter as your Blipteam site name – your domain name is basically the words of your site name separated by hyphens. So “A Star Pizza” will automatically be converted to “”. You can however add a logo image to your site and change your site name to whatever you want.


You can change your site name anytime you like and to any other name, provided it is not already taken by another Blipteam user. All the links to your product and info pages will be changed accordingly. You can use letters and numbers only in your site and page names.


Domain names are not capital-sensitive. Thus, you can either use small or capital letters. You can also use numbers.

Can I use my own domain name with Blipteam?


You can use your own domain name (for instance: for your Blipteam website. You can obtain a custom domain name via an internet domain name registrar or via Blipteam. When you register your own domain name, just follow the instructions in our Domain Name section on how to hook it up to your Blipteam website (go to "Site Settings" and there is a "Domain Name" link here).


Please note that registering your own domain name almost always involves a recurring annual fee to be paid to the registrar.

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