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Blipteam offers small businesses an e-commerce website builder with a built-in shopping cart. Each Blipteam website by default has a shopping cart pre-enabled in it. The shopping cart only appears on your webstore once you start creating 'Product' pages. If you do not want a shopping cart on your website stick to creating 'Info' pages - these only have descriptive text and images and no pricing.


The Blipteam shopping cart is an integral part of your online store design. You do not have to do any coding or 'integration' to get it going. Create a product and that automatically adds the shopping cart on your online store. You do, however, need to sign up with one of our payment providers to activate your products and accept online payments.


Changing your webstore design (or Blipteam theme) automatically changes your shopping cart design. Your shopping cart also automatically adapts itself to mobile screens and is prominently visible below each product or at the end of the web page. Checkout takes users to a summary screen where online shoppers can see all the contents of their shopping cart and make any changes if necessary. The 'Pay Now' button takes shoppers to the payment gateway screen where they can enter their shipping information and credit card (or debit card) details over a secure connection to complete the online payment.


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