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Build An Ecommerce Website

The first step in creating an ecommerce website on Blipteam is to create a basic website via the Blipteam home page. Enter your business name ('Rocket Cars' or 'Oh Dear Donuts' or whatever) and your email address and the app will take you through some initialisation steps where you set up a simple website structure, maybe something like this:


- Home

- Our Donuts

- About Us

- Contact Us


You will then enter your contact information and upload a banner image. This gets a very basic online storefront up and running. Now you have to turn it into an online ecommerce store with products for sale. You add some Product pages to your ecommerce website:



Our Donuts

- Chocolate Donut

- Plain Donut

- Lo-fat Donut

About Us

Contact Us


Products And Product Variants


It is important to understand the concept of 'products' and 'product variants'. When you start creating your 'Chocolate Donut' product you will be asked to enter a variant name and price. If you have just one variant enter 'Chocolate Donut' and the price. Or you could have two variants - 'Chocolate Donut With Sprinkles - $3' and 'Chocolate Donut Without Sprinkles - $2'.


The basic unit for sale on Blipteam is a product variant. You can read more about 'variants' here. After you have added all your variants, you can add some product images and a description and the system will automatically add the product to your website structure and upload the product to your online ecommerce store.


Uploading products is simple, you need to upload the product name, prices and images and they start appearing on your site. You can get more information about setting up products and product variants in our FAQ - Ecommerce section >.


Setting Up Your Ecommerce Account


Your product page will appear on your webstore with the 'Add To Cart' button disabled - you have to add a payment gateway to your account to turn your online store into a fully functioning online ecommerce store. This involves some paperwork, but once you're done, adding the gateway to your Blipteam webstore is really easy. First of all you should sign up with one of our payment providers (once you are in the Blipteam app, click the "My Account" tab in the top bar for instructions).


Be prepared to provide them with documents pertaining to your business – like your business registration, tax documents, IDs, address proofs and so on. The requirements vary between payment providers and may be different between different countries as well. The payment provider handles all your online payments - from collecting it from your customer to paying it out to you.


Our ecommerce platform passes the contents of your customer’s shopping cart over to your payment provider and from then on all interaction between the customer and the payment provider (names, addresses, credit card details, shipping information) is carried out over a secure connection. The customer pays the shopping cart amount to the provider and you can then log into your payment provider’s app interface to process the payment or transfer it to any other bank account.


Our Ecommerce Platform


There are many ecommerce platforms out there which allow you to build your own ecommerce website. Blipteam makes it super simple. You do not need to know anything at all about ecommerce development or website design. Just upload your products and prices and our ecommerce website builder puts it together automatically for you.


Product Images


When you are shooting your product images ensure that you (or your product photographer) center your subject and keep lots of area around the main subject that can be cropped out later, if required. Graphic designers usually need room to play around and if you have a picture of a dog whose head is close to the top of the picture you may find his ears are getting lopped off by the time you got him online. Also save your images in a minimum of 2000 x 1500 pixels or more. Do not upload images that are smaller than this - you will most likely get a pixellated picture showing on your web store.


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