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Cross-Selling with Blipteam

Blipteam has a built-in networking engine that allows each Blipteam website creator to share home pages, products and other content pages with other Blipteam website owners, thus enabling them to cross sell products and services. Lets say you are a ski instructor and you create a website for your ski school in Verbier, Switzerland. Another friend runs a ski chalet in Verbier, or maybe in another ski town like Zermatt or even over in the US somewhere in Utah or Colorado.


You guys can now share your home pages on each other's Blipteam websites (with a single click). Your ski chalet friend can also add your ski lessons to their page. Now they are selling an entire winter holiday - a ski chalet and your ski lessons (and you get to go all the way to Utah for the winter). Likewise, you can sell your friend's ski chalet on your website. If you have 10 friends with ski chalets and lodges all over the place you can sell them all on your website.


You can go further, and add products and home pages of business partners and winter sport shops who sell skiing equipment, snowboarding gear and other camping supplies and adventure gear. Or goggles and ski pants and touring skis and helmets. You suddenly went from selling your ski lessons to cross selling your friends' ski chalets, ski lodges, ski boots, snowboards, gloves, goggles, safety equipment and what not. Add some apres ski and and cross-sell some night clubs and ski pubs too, while you're at it.


And that is just winter sport. If you are into adventure sport you could have friends who run sky diving schools. Or friends who are into white-water rafting or mountain biking or dirt-bikes or friends who sell adventure sport gear and outdoor clothing. All of you can cross sell each other products and adventure sport programs. You can also share information between your websites - travel information, transport, healthcare, insurance, weather reports, etc. You're not only cross selling products but sharing information as well.


Blipteam cross selling can work with other industries too. You could be a bunch of healthcare practitioners or automotive parts sellers or freelance carpenters. There's many groups of businesses and professionals who can use Blipteam's networking capabilities to cross sell and multiply their revenues and service offerings.


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