Create A Webstore


Create Your Own Webstore

Learn how to create a web store and start your own web shop:


1.   Think of a name for your web store (you don't need a domain name at this stage, just a short business name like 'Max Motors' or 'Beck's Boot Shop').

2.   Think of 2-3 product headers like 'Mens', 'Womens' and 'Kids' (if you are building a clothing store).

3.   Create a working folder on your computer. You will store all your assets - product specs, images and marketing collateral - in here.

4.   Get together 3-4 banner images for your website home page (see instructions below)

5.   Get some product images together.

6.   Sign up on Blipteam with your email address and create a web store.

7.   Follow the instructions and set up your basic web shop. You can upload your home page banner during setup but we also provide test images.

8.   Finish setup and click the 'View Site' link - your basic web shop is ready.

9.   Click around in the Design section, explore your Shipping setup, make sure your Contact Details are right.

10.   Explore the Marketing section, figure how you can market your products. Formulate a marketing plan for your web shop.

11.   Upgrade your account, start using your own domain name and get access to custom webshop design options.


Image Specs: 2000x1500 pixels or more. Anything smaller will pixellate on larger screens. Ensure your web shop images have lots of headroom and legroom around the subject or important bits could get croppped out. If your home page banner has a model standing up make sure there is at least 300 pixels above the model's head or it will get cropped out. Product images can be vertical.


How To Build A Web Store


Blipteam makes it really easy for you to create your own web store and sell products with your own web shop. Once you are signed up with one of our payment providers you could be up and selling your first product in a matter of minutes. Your customers can then land up on your web store, add your products to their shopping cart and make your first webshop payment. There’s still a lot of work to do before all that happens, though, like product pricing, a bit of inventory management, preparing product spec sheets and collecting product images.


This section gets you up to speed on some ecommerce basics and getting your first products up on your very own web store. You will need to open an account with one of our payment providers before you can start selling anything. While your paperwork gets processed, you can use our webstore builder to create your own web store, setup products and generally test out the entire process of uploading products with prices and images on your web store.


How To Build A Web Shop For Your Business


You can build a web shop for just about any kind of business. Your Blipteam web shop could be selling auto parts or women's clothes or handmade home furnishings or designer lamps. You can create as many products as you like on your Blipteam web shop and select from a number of shop design themes for your web storefront. You'll have to collate a lot of product images and product information before you start selling but once you have all your data together, you can create your own web store on Blipteam in just a few hours.


You can also select from a number of website designs from our themes library and apply them to your web store with a single click. You can change colors and site layouts with a single click. You can have your own unique web store design on Blipteam and change it whenever you want, again with a single click.


Build Your Own Web Store


Blipteam lets you create an unlimited number of 'Product' pages. Each product has a title, description, photo gallery and a price. These are the products that you sell on your web store. You can also select a currency and a payment provider in the 'Payment' section.


Signing up with the payment provider happens outside Blipteam. The payment company may ask you for your business and tax registration details and bank details to enable your payment account. We do not store this information and we will not ask you for this information at any point of time.


Once you've signed up with one of our payment providers you can enter your payment details into our system and you're good to go. You can preview your webstore anytime and see what it looks like to your customers.


Blipteam automatically adds a shopping cart to your webstore and your products are available for sale on your webshop. You can then upgrade your Blipteam account, use your own domain name and start selling with a premium account.


How To Make Your Web Store Mobile-friendly


Blipteam's web store builder interface is completely mobile-friendly. You can change product prices and information on the fly with your mobile device.


You can also take pictures with your smart phone and upload them directly to your web store. Show your web store to anyone, anywhere via your smart phone or let them access it on their own mobile devices. Your Blipteam webstore is available to you and your customers on almost any device with a browser - at work, at home, or on the move.


Our mobile/responsive interface helps you keep your business dynamic and lets you update your ecommerce store anytime you need.

Build Your Web Store

The best way to learn how to make a web store on Blipteam is to just dive in and start building. Our platform is easy to use and we're trying to make the process even smoother. You can always return to these support pages from within the app. Its free to try!

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