Create A Marketplace


Create A Marketplace

Blipteam has a networking engine that lets Blipteam users share products and other blocks of content between their websites. You can also use this feature to create your own marketplace website. Lets say you have 5 friends:


> Friend #1: Sells shoes

> Friend #2: Sells jeans

> Friend #3: Sells jackets

> Friend #4: Sells t-shirts

> Friend #5: Sells goggles


All of them create individual webstores on Blipteam for their products. Then you create another website on Blipteam and pull up all your friends' products into your Blipteam website - with a single click. This way you start your very own clothing superstore and create a marketplace for clothing products. In the same way you can create a marketplace website for just about any kind of product or service out there. You can create a marketplace website for electronics, or interior decoration or carpentry supplies or professional services. Your sellers handle all product information - images, text, inventory, pricing. You handle marketing and sales for all these products via your online e-commerce marketplace on Blipteam.


Creating An Online Marketplace - Identifying The Right Opportunity


Most small businesses have to manage a large number of tasks with precious few resources. Marketing and distribution are areas that many production-oriented businesses struggle with. These companies are so busy producing a good quality product that they are not left with much time to spend developing marketing leads.


Look around within your own industry or within your own community. You will find many small businesses struggling to market and generate sales online. See if you can find opportunities in your geographical area - maybe there are lots of fashion designers in your area. Or automobile businesses. Or furniture makers. Or potato farmers. All of these people can benefit from an online marketplace. A single online marketplace is then easier to market to potential customers. Shipping and sales become more streamlined.


Learn how to create a marketplace, take a look at our Online Marketplace Builder infographic >


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