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Blipteam is a free website builder that can help you build an online store or create a website for your business and get it up and running in minutes.


Once you sign up, Blipteam will take you through some steps where you will put in information to set up a basic version of your website. After setup you will be provided a checklist that will help you set up your e-commerce account and webstore. It will also help you with other tasks such as getting your own domain name, applying design and finishing up your site.


You can dive in and create an online store right now, but in case you need some more information before you do, take a look at the following:

All About Website Design

> Introduction

> Online Business Strategy

> Website Marketing Plan

> Website Structure

> Brand & Interface Design

> E-commerce

> Digital Marketing

> Copywriting

> Change Management

Create your own webstore

> E-commerce Basics, Product Pricing and Shipping

> All About Online Shopping

> Build An Ecommerce Website

> Our Shopping Cart

Cross-Selling With Blipteam

> Cross-Selling With Blipteam

Create A Marketplace

> Introduction - Create A Marketplace

> How To Build An Online Marketplace Website - 10 Steps

> Our Digital Marketplace Platform