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You can create a multi seller marketplace on Blipteam with just a few clicks. Sign up using the link below and our system will create your marketplace website with a sample seller listing. You can then use your free trial to sign up more sellers and manage their products from your seller dashboard. Simply add and remove seller products from your site with a single click. You can upgrade your account anytime - you will need to upgrade in order to use your own domain name and start selling online. Your sellers can be individuals who want to sell or share personal items and living spaces. Or they can be businesses with large product catalogs.

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Create An Online Marketplace

Blipteam offers a simple workflow for your individual sellers - all they need to do is sign up and create a listing with a price and some images. Your business sellers get a more advanced workflow that allows them to create an entire webstore with multiple products. They can also define shipping rates based on product category and destination. Both your sellers can set up Stripe payment accounts that are connected to your main marketplace Stripe account. Each time a transaction takes place on your multi-seller website, the payment automatically gets split between you and your sellers. You get your commission in your account and your sellers get paid directly into their own Stripe accounts.

How To Start A Multi Seller Marketplace

create your own multi seller marketplace, create a marketplace website with multiple sellers

Individual sellers can simply sign up to your platform and start creating listings that you can review and add to your marketplace. Your multi seller marketplace also gives business sellers an opportunity to sell directly from their own web stores. Small businesses often need to create their own brands but they also need marketplaces such as yours in order to generate sales. Your multi seller marketplace gives them a chance to do both - sell direct and supply to your marketplace. All your business sellers get a free web store account once they sign up - they can upgrade these accounts and create their own websites with their own domain names. Or they can use their free webstore accounts to simply supply to your multi seller marketplace.

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Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - we have a checklist inside the app that will help you complete your online marketplace and start driving some sales:

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Create An Online Marketplace

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