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Our travel website builder offers you an easy-to-use ecommerce platform that you can use to create a travel website or build a tour and accommodations booking website. Our travel website builder works well for travel operators who primarily sell fixed departures and group tours or holiday accommodations, vacation rentals and resorts. You can use our calendar feature to accept online bookings for tours and events or accommodations such as holiday villas or adventure camps.

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Create A Travel Website

You can use Blipteam to create a travel website and sell your travel products online. You can use it to sell multi-day trips or city breaks or family holidays. Our calendar feature lets you easily create booking schedules for holidays, guided tours and day trips, or accommodations like small hotels, cottages and beach villas. You can also use our calendar feature to rent out cars, quad bikes, mountain bikes and motorcycles. Or you could rent out bigger things like recreational vehicles, planes, yachts and boats.

Start An Online Travel Marketplace

You can also use Blipteam to create a multi-seller travel marketplace. You can sign up travel suppliers from different regions and bring them all together on your own online travel marketplace. Each one of your travel suppliers can create their own account on your travel website and create multiple itineraries or listings for accommodations and activities.

You can then organise it all on your own multi-seller travel website into categories that your customers can browse. You can also create search filters for your customers to find tours and travel ideas faster on your travel marketplace. You can simply sign up and start building right now. You can learn more about creating an online marketplace here:

> Build A Marketplace

> How To Build A Multi-Vendor Marketplace

How To Sell Travel Packages Online

You can create a travel website in minutes on Blipteam, with a payment gateway and everything. You could be selling cultural tours or adventure tours or wildlife safaris or ski and scuba diving travel packages. Our tour operator website builder offers you a travel e-commerce platform where you can create travel itineraries with multiple departure dates and sell them on your own travel website. Learn how to start a travel agency website and how to create an online tour itinerary.

Here is an example of a travel website built with Blipteam: GoTripCo >

How To Build A Travel Website

Just sign up on our home page and our travel website builder will guide you through the entire process. You will need to have your contact details and some destination or activity images to create a basic website. After that you will need to collate your travel itineraries and vacation packages with all images, pricing information, trip details, inclusions and exclusions - you can do this offline, correct all your information and then start uploading to your travel website.

You can create a product page for each itinerary (and as many as you like on the free version). You will get fields to fill out for search engine optimization (SEO) - keywords and keyphrases that will help optimize your travel content for search engines.

Selling Travel Packages With Our Travel Website Builder

You will need to sign up with one of our payment providers to enable online payments. If you have a Stripe account you can activate your travel products within a minute. You can also upgrade your Blipteam account and get your own domain name.

Besides your travel product pages - your group tours, vacation deals and travel deals - you can also use our information pages to create destination guides and provide other kinds of travel information on day trips, ground transport, local customs, visa information, healthcare and insurance.

Collaborate Online With Our Travel Agency Website Builder

You can provide links to travel industry websites and links to travel magazine features. This type of content - travel tips and local trivia - keeps customers on your online travel website and increases your chances of making an online sale. Think about creating an online property where everyone interested in travel wants to hang around - a treasure trove of information about exotic places, adventurous destinations, quirky little resorts and fun activities all around the globe.

Our travel agency website builder helps you not only create an online travel store where you can sell package tours, but also a content-sharing platform where you can collaborate with resort owners and activity providers and ask them to contribute content to your travel website.

How To Sell A Travel Package

Our travel website builder works well for package tour operators who run travel packages with fixed itineraries and fixed departure dates. Lets say you operate group tours or adventure tours all over the world. It is now time to come up with an organisation system for your travel website. You can organise your travel products by destination or by activity. Your travel site structure could look like this:




- UK

- China

- Kenya

- Norway

- Switzerland

- Sweden

Travel Types

- Adventure Tours

- Cultural Tours

- Nature Tours

- City Tours

- Cruises

- Beach Holidays

- Wildlife Safaris

Individual Travel

- Travel Ideas

Destination Guides

- Canada

- Australia

- New Zealand

- France

- Germany

Travel Essentials

- Visas

- Insurance

- Health

About Us

- Profile

- Our Team

- Travel Events

Contact Us

You can then organise your travel products like this:



> East Coast Tour - 07 Days

> West Coast And National Parks - 08 Days

And you can link to these travel products from other parts of your website like this:

Travel Types

Cultural Tours

> USA: East Coast Tour - 07 Days

Nature Tours

> USA: West Coast And National Parks - 08 Days

Work out your travel website structure on a piece of paper. It does not have to be perfect or last you twenty years. Think of all the activities you want to provide over the next 2-3 years. Think of all the travel types and holiday destinations you will be involved with in the near future. Also think about what kind of information you want to give out besides your travel products. Once you have a brief sketch down you can use our navigation tools to set up your basic global navigation structure.

Sell Vacation Packages And Group Tours - Create Fixed Departures

A good travel itinerary must contain a number of sections:

1. The tour title

2. Tour price

3. Single line description

4. Available departures with dates and prices (in case you have fixed departures)

5. Introduction / tour highlights

6. Short daily itinerary

7. Detailed itinerary

8. Inclusions

9. Exclusions

Here's an example of a good fixed departure:
> Dusty Trail Adventure - Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Our travel agent website builder lets you create variants for each fixed departure so you can have a single travel product with multiple departures that you can sell separately like this:

New York City Tour

starting from $1200.00


> 3 day budget tour (23-25 July, 2017) - $1200.00

> 3 day budget tour (12-14 August, 2017) - $1200.00

> 5 day luxury tour (19-24 September, 2017) - $2500.00

> 5 day luxury tour (14-19 October, 2017) - $2500.00

Inclusions and Exclusions

Give out as much information as possible. Are meals included? What kind of hotels are you providing on this tour? Is ground transportation included? Does your tour package cost include beverages? Is there any kind of special clothing required for this tour? Your customers are going to call up and ask you all this stuff anyway. It will be better if you have it all up on your website rather than repeat it 20 times over the phone. Be very clear and really detailed with your inclusions and exclusions - this stuff can create trouble and end up costing you if you do not pay attention to it up front. Blipteam gives you the ability to create a travel website within minutes, but you must spend a good many hours creating quality content and detailed travel itineraries.

Terms & Conditions

You might even have a minimum pax requirement for your group tours. Have this up next to each fixed departure. We also provide you footer documents that you can use to create your Terms and Conditions. Make it clear as to how you handle cancelations and changes in schedule. This is especially important if you operate adventure tours and run expeditions that are dependent on road or weather conditions. Have a very clear refund policy in place. All this will inspire confidence in your online travel product and encourage your customers to hit your 'Book Now' button.

Tell A Great Travel Story

Starting a travel agency can be pretty much like starting an online publishing company. Your entire product range is nothing but a collection of images and text that come together to create travel itineraries, destination guides, travel tips, vacation packages, family holidays and trips. The average holidaymaker or traveler will probably pay an advance 6 months before departure to travel to a place halfway around the globe. You, on the other hand, have to create a travel product right here, right now. You have to weave a story out of thin air that you can turn into a travel product and sell online. You need to use images and text and build a travel website and sell vacation packages.

How To Sell Travel Packages Online

Images are not hard to find nowadays - there are lots of online image banks from where you can get travel and adventure images for free or for a small price. Good website copy is, however, what separates the truly interesting travel companies from the rest. What you need, is a good travel writer or marketer who can tell a great travel story and turn your multi-day itinerary into a magical tour to a faraway, mysterious and fascinating land.

A great travel website is often just a good example of online story-telling and creating an atmosphere that gives people the travel bug rightaway.

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Adventure Travel & Extreme Sports

Adventure travel, adventure sport and extreme sports form an essential part of the Blipteam DNA. All of Blipteam's founders and a lot of our collaborators actively pursue a number of adventure or outdoor activities. When we're not busy writing code or tweaking the Blipteam interface, we're out mountaineering or motorcycling or fishing or hiking or trekking or river rafting. We hang out with adventure pros and people who run their own adventure travel companies on a regular basis.

Even our tech centre is in the middle of the Indian Himalaya, in the heart of prime-time trekking and high-altitude, extreme adventure country. As such, most of our early webstores and websites have been been built by outfits specialising in adventure tourism and the great outdoors. We have kayak and white water rafting companies, motorcycle adventure companies and ski and winter sport operators on Blipteam. We know what you are selling and we know who you are selling it to.

Sell Adventure Travel And Outdoors Activities

Blipteam provides you with a travel website builder that you can use to create a travel website for your adventure or extreme sports outfit. Pretty much anyone can use it - you could be a skydiving school in California or a ski instructor in Verbier or an adventure tour operator in England. You get unlimited product pages which you can use to sell adventure activities or extreme sport programs. You can also use these pages to sell outdoor equipment and camping gear.

A Blipteam webstore is easy to build - you can start an online travel store really fast and get your own domain name. It helps if you have some nice images to play with. If you have your adventure tours and your travel itineraries sorted out you can build a fairly decent website in less than a day. You have to experiment with your product pricing and get that right and that may take some time.

Blipteam also prompts you to fill out SEO fields for search engine optimization so you get found on search engines and improve your website ranking. Our support section gives you loads of information on starting a travel website or building an adventure gear webshop or maybe even an online trekking and mountain information superstore.

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