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Blipteam makes it super easy for you to create an outdoor gear webstore and sell camping equipment online or sell survival gear online. You can simply sign up, build your adventure gear web store and follow the instructions to add shipping rates and then learn how to market your outdoor products online. Blipteam also helps you to multiply sales by creating your own adventure gear network and selling through that network to a much wider audience.

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We're all outdoors folks here at Blipteam. We like writing code and creating marvellous apps. But we also like climbing up mountains and crossing rivers and building igloos out in the wild. We also like our outdoor gear. There's few things as much fun as going shopping for camping gear just before a trek or adventure. Its like you step into an outoor gear store and you're already halfway there. And adventure gear stores tend to be staffed by folks who are way more passionate about their field of work than other retail industry service personnel. The trouble is recreating this experience once your outdoor store goes online.

Build An Adventure Website - Sell Adventure Gear Online

Retailing outdoor clothing and hiking boots and ultralight backpacking and survival gear is pretty much like selling anything else online. Its all 'Picture/Price', 'Picture/Price', 'Picture/Price' with little or no character to your webstore or ecommerce website. Sure you can throw in the odd picture of a mountain or river but is that really creating that happy-happy, pre-adventure planning / shopping experience that we just discussed? Online stores tend to be all about ecommerce and credit card payments and shopping carts but few try to develop some sort of character.

Your store visual design can make a lot of difference but the real differentiator is good quality content. For the outdoors industry this means content on destinations, adventure activities, camping tips, environmental and conservation news and all the pretty pictures that inspire us to get out there into the great outdoors. Now you're busy trying to manage sellers and deliveries and trying to run a profitable retail business. You probably don't have the time to run a publishing sideshow or write a book. That's where Blipteam's networking engine gets busy.

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Blipteam lets you network and share content with other ecommerce stores and websites on the Blipteam platform. You can sell products from other webstores on your own web store and display informational content from other websites on your own Blipteam website. What this means that you could network with a trekking operator or a hiking holidays outfit and do a little barter with them - stick a promo for one of their tours and also their entire database on 'mountain biking trails in Utah' into your own webstore with a single click.

Network with other adventure travel operators and stick their 'hiking through Zion National Park' or 'trekking the Annapurna circuit' programs into your own webstore. Get their camping tips and 'how to survive in the wild' (or 'how to survive your first music festival') articles on your webstore with a single click. Now retailing outdoor clothing and running an adventure travel company are two totally different affairs but there's no harm in sharing some information and giving each other a plug on your websites.

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If you want to keep it strictly business or just concentrate on building your business around your product range and your pricepoint, Blipteam can help you get started fast and run an efficient online business. Building an individual webstore or a marketplace website on Blipteam is pretty easy - just go to our homepage and start filling out the details and upload some images. Our app does the rest - a checklist will ensure you are on the right track and our ecommerce section will help you upload your products and hook up your online payments.

Our Blipteam Mag gives you lots more information on how to create an ecommerce store and tips on digital marketing and search engine optimization. You do not need to know anything about website design or coding web pages - our platform does all that for you. Just make sure you have your product images, prices, SKUs and descriptions ready in an Excel sheet somewhere. Read our business strategy and marketing plan how-to's before you dive in.

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You can also use Blipteam's networking engine to actually sell external products on your webstore. Now lets say another Blipteam webstore has some hiking shoes or sleeping bags that you find interesting. You can embed those outdoor products into your own adv webstore with a simple click. These will now appear as part of your webstore. You can now sell these products on your webstore, keep a commission and pay the original webstore the price and ask them to ship the product. You've suddenly expanded your adventure product offering.

This works the other way too. Lets you have a new line of ultralight backpacking gear. Other webstores, or even adv operators, could sell this product directly from their webstores. You've now expanded your outreach by using your Blipteam network to sell your outdoor products to a wider customer base.

Create An Adventure Marketplace

There's yet another thing you can do with Blipteam - create an adventure gear marketplace. You could stock your entire webstore totally with external products - get a camping tent from one webstore, get a camping stove from another, get hiking boots from another Blipteam webstore and get survival gear from 10 other camping shops on Blipteam.

You could build an entire hiking gear and camping supplies marketplace in this way. Learn how to create a marketplace website, take a look at our Online Marketplace Builder infographic.

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