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How To Sell Jewelry Online

If you are a jewelry designer or want to sell handmade jewelry online you can build a jewelry web store on Blipteam and start selling online with just a few simple clicks. Our webstore creator guides you through the entire process of creating a handmade jewelry web shop. You can build a jewellery website without any technical knowledge. Just upload your pictures and prices and you are good to go. Once you sign up you can create 'product' pages for each one of your designs. You can upload several images for each product and show it from different angles or provide zoomed in detail shots.

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How To Build A Jewellery Webstore

You can add as many jewelry products as you like and sort them into different groups - all your diamond rings and platinum rings can go into your rings section, you can have a separate section for your bead work or your necklaces. Similarly you can have separate sections for your pendants and bracelets and earrings. You can set up your payment account on Blipteam and start accepting payments rightaway if you have a Stripe account.

Our shipping section lets you set up shipping rates for different zones or countries. You can then upload your own logo and customise your storefront design. You can also get your own domain name or just continue to operate with your Blipteam web address. Finally you need to start marketing your jewellery webstore and start selling your designs.

Create An Online Jewelry Brand

Your jewelry webshop handles all your e-commerce functions. You can then create some information pages to talk more about your jewelry design studio, about yourself as a jewelry designer or about your design style. You can inform people about any events or fashion accessory shows and tell them more about what you are working on next. Our design engine lets you try out different storefront designs and you can sell jewelry online from any kind of device - desktop or mobile. Just sign up, upload some of your jewelry pictures and see how it works - it wont take you more than a few minutes.

Create A Jewelry Marketplace

You can use Blipteam to create a jewellery webstore. You can also use Blipteam to network a number of similar webstores and share products between them. You can use this feature to create a jewelry 'superstore' and display products from more than one designer. Usually you would create separate stores on different jewelry retail marketplaces and then build your own jewelry website as well. Blipteam lets you do everything under one roof. Make your own jewelry website and supply to an accessories marketplace too. No duplication of efforts on 12 different platforms.

How To Sell Jewellery Online - Start A Multi-Brand Fashion Accessory Store

Got a friend who helps you sell your original designs in their multi-designer retail store? Ask them to get on Blipteam and start a jewellery marketplace. Or you can start one yourself with your jewelry designer friends. And they don't all need to be jewellery designers - they could be selling leather goods or handbags or cosmetics - anything that complements your product range. Just build your jewelry store on Blipteam and start connecting with other webshops.

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Sell Jewelry Online

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