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How To Sell Handcrafted Items Online

Create A Handmade Goods Website

Blipteam is a great tool for craftsmen, artisans and handcrafted goods designers who want to create a handcrafted items webstore and sell handmade products online. You could be selling exotic rugs from India or handcrafted coffee tables from Peru or designer lamps from Denmark.

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You could be embroidering cushion covers or making brass candle stands or weaving your own carpets. You can start an online craft store on Blipteam with a few clicks, add your shipping rates and start selling your craft products online all over the world.

How To Sell Handmade Goods Online

From pottery to handcrafted tableware to gifts and art-related or decorative items, Blipteam provides a crafts ecommerce platform where you can create an online homebase for your handcrafted products brand and sell your handmade items online. All you need is a laptop for setting up your online handmade store brand and a camera for taking pictures of your products.

How To Create A Handcrafted Items Website

We provide you ecommerce lessons and how-to-guides on taking product pictures, on pricing your products, setting shipping rates and digital marketing. We show you how to optimise your webstore for search engines. Our store builder features a checklist that will help you complete your online store and generate your first sales. You can sign up on our home page and try building a quick webstore with just one or two handmade products to see how it works. It is free to try and you can return anytime to complete your online handcrafted items store.

Create A Handmade Items Marketplace

If you have a number of friends making similar products or handcrafting items for online sale you can get together and create a handcrafted items marketplace on Blipteam. You all can run your separate webstores under your own domain names and use separate storefront designs. At the same time you can cross-sell products between all your handcrafted item webstores.

You can also use this feature to create a handmade goods marketplace with products from 20 different Blipteam webstores. This lets all of you combine efforts and handle common ecommerce activities such as packaging, shipping and marketing. Instead of trying to drive customer traffic to 20 separate webstores, get all your products together into one handmade products marketplace. Learn more about building a handcrafted products marketplace >

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