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How To Build A Peer To Peer Marketplace

You can build your own peer-to-peer marketplace on Blipteam with a few clicks. Blipteam offers a peer-to-peer marketplace platform where you can sign up unlimited individual sellers and put up their listings on your own P2P marketplace website. Your sellers sign up and create listings for free and you can then review these listings and add them to your marketplace website with a click.

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Peer To Peer Marketplace Platform

You can start a peer-to-peer marketplace on Blipteam and put up just about any type of listing - from clothing to mountain bikes to power tools to beach villas. Your audience can exchange computer games, sell baby clothes or real estate and share household goods. Our calendar functionality lets your sellers set up rental listings or equipment sharing listings with a few simple clicks.

Split Payments Automatically

Blipteam payments are powered by Stripe, so you can split payments easily between yourself and your sellers. You can set a platform percentage fee in your 'Payments' manager and each time a transaction is carried out on your P2P marketplace your commission is automatically paid out to your account. The seller gets the order directly and is then directly responsible for fulfilling the order.

Sign Up Sellers To Your Peer-To-Peer Marketplace

Blipteam lets you sign up both individual sellers and business sellers. Business sellers get a more detailed multi-vendor marketplace workflow where they can create their own web stores and products with versatile shipping profiles. For your peer-to-peer marketplace you need a simple interface where individual sellers can create a listing for sale with a minimum number of clicks - Blipteam offers that. We will offer a rental workflow soon - right now your individual sellers can put up one or more items for sale via your marketplace website.

Try Our Peer-To-Peer Marketplace Platform For Free

Your can try our peer-to-peer marketplace platform for free - just sign up and follow the set-up wizard. Our app will guide you toward setting up your payment details and our design engine lets you customise your look and feel with a single-click. You can add your own logo and once you are ready you can upgrade and start selling.

Start Building Your Peer To Peer Marketplace Business

Our peer-to-peer ecommerce platform lets you build an ecommerce business with multiple sellers. Learn more about starting an online business: how to create an online store. Learn more about building an online brand and building a peer-to-peer ecommerce business that people can trust.

We have built-in SEO and website analytics tool boxes that let you monitor website traffic via Google analytics. Our p2p marketplace platform also has a marketing section inside the app that guides you towards your first sale. Here's more information about search engine optimization and content marketing for your peer to peer website. You also need to figure out how to build traction and drive adoption growth. Read up on network effects and figure out how to crack compound growth for your peer-to-peer marketplace business.

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Build A Peer-To-Peer Marketplace On Blipteam

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