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Our P2P marketplace platform lets you bring together people who want to buy and sell items or share household goods and spaces with each other. You can build a peer to peer marketplace and let people sell, exchange or rent anything from homes, clothes, transport, to electronic appliances and more. Our peer to peer marketplace software is all web-based - you can sign up on Blipteam and create a peer to peer website with just a few clicks. Your sellers can then create listings and you can review these listings and add them to your P2P marketplace website with a single click.

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P2P Marketplace Platform

Our P2P marketplace platform is powered by Stripe, so you can split payments easily between yourself and your sellers. You can set a platform percentage fee in your 'Payments' manager and each time a transaction is carried out on your P2P marketplace your commission is automatically paid out to your account. The seller gets the order directly and is then responsible for fulfilling the order.

Peer To Peer Marketplace Builder

You can start a P2P marketplace on Blipteam and put up just about any type of listing - from clothing to bicycles to power tools to beach villas. Your audience can exchange computer games, sell baby clothes or real estate and share household goods. Our calendar functionality lets your sellers set up rental listings or equipment sharing listings with a few simple clicks. They can rent or sell toys, games, recreational equipment, cars, furniture, homes and storage spaces to each other and create a peer to peer marketplace.

Peer To Peer Marketplace Software

Our peer to peer marketplace software is completely web-based - no need to download anything and no complicated installations are required. Simply sign up, see how it works and then start getting your sellers and participants onboard. You can start using your own domain name whenever you are ready and build your own P2P marketplace brand.

Our peer-to-peer marketplace software lets you set up and operate your peer to peer marketplace from any kind of device - you can do all the laborious tasks of maintaining your sellers and managing transactions from your laptop or mobile. Your peer to peer website is completely responsive and your marketplace users can interact with each other and buy and sell on your P2P website on their smart phones, anytime, anywhere.

Peer To Peer Website Builder

Our peer to peer website builder makes it easy for you to create a P2P website where buyers and sellers can get together and put up listings for sale and rent. You can sign up, add test sellers, upload a logo, create an image banner and explore how digital marketing and SEO works, all with your free account. When you are ready, get your own domain name, activate your peer to peer website and activate Stripe payments on your P2P marketplace.

Peer To Peer Marketplace Platform

Blipteam lets you sign up both individual sellers and business sellers. Individual sellers can create one or more listings for sale or rent, enabling you to create peer-to-peer marketplaces. Business sellers get a more detailed multi-vendor marketplace workflow where they can create their own web stores and products with versatile shipping profiles.

Your can try our peer to peer marketplace platform for free - just sign up and follow the set-up wizard. Our app will guide you toward setting up your payment details and our design engine lets you customise your look and feel with a single-click. You can add your own logo and once you are ready you can upgrade and start selling.

How To Build A Peer To Peer Marketplace

Our peer-to-peer ecommerce platform lets you build an ecommerce business with multiple sellers. Learn more about starting an online business: how to create an online store. Learn more about building an online brand and building a peer-to-peer ecommerce business that people can trust.

We have built-in SEO and website analytics tool boxes that let you monitor website traffic via Google analytics. Our peer-to-peer marketplace platform also has a marketing section inside the app that guides you towards your first sale. Here's more information about search engine optimization and content marketing for your peer to peer website. You also need to figure out how to build traction and drive adoption growth. Read up on network effects and figure out how to crack compound growth for your peer-to-peer marketplace business.

What Is A Peer To Peer Marketplace?

A peer-to-peer marketplace website, or a peer to peer marketplace app, lets people rent or sell household goods, games, toys, recreational equipment, homes and transportation to each other. You can have anything from used prams to jet planes on it. It is a place where people can sell or trade personal items or living spaces to each other.

A lot of ecommerce businesses are B2C - where a business is selling items to ecommerce consumers. But peer to peer ecommerce usually lets individuals interact with each other directly. A thriving peer to peer ecommerce platform can help people pick up complete bargains or let you get rid of unwanted home appliances and gadgets for a decent price.

A peer to peer ecommerce marketplace can be highly specific - you could build a P2P rental marketplace for enthusiasts to trade computer games or vinyl records. You can create peer-to-peer marketplaces for people to trade anything from art to heavy machinery. But you don't necessarily need to be selling on your P2P platform. You could build a peer to peer service marketplace for personal trainers or chefs or pet care.

Peer To Peer Rental Marketplace

There has also been a lot of activity in the peer to peer rental marketplace field, with scores of new businesses trying to build the next great rental marketplace platform for urban transport or working spaces or home decor and furniture. With Blipteam, the tech bit is at least sorted out.

You can learn how to build a peer to peer website in minutes and get a domain name and start your own peer to peer business in less than a week. You can test out your peer to peer marketplace concept fast and learn more about online marketing and creating your own peer to peer brand.

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