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Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

Our multi-vendor marketplace platform lets you bring together multiple product sellers, vendors and merchants on one website and build a multi-vendor marketplace. You can simply sign up and start building your multi seller marketplace right now - there are no software downloads required and you do not need to code anything. Our multi-vendor website builder is completely web-based - sign-up, create seller accounts, create product listings and start selling.

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How To Build A Multi-Vendor Marketplace

You can set up a test seller account and create product listings to see how our ecommerce marketplace platform works - you can create a multi-seller website within minutes with our free trial. Later you can upgrade and set up a Stripe payment account and charge commissions or application fees on each product or listing. Stripe automatically splits payments between your marketplace and your sellers - they get paid directly and your commission is credited to your Stripe account after each transaction.

Our Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Platform

Our multi-vendor ecommerce platform offers workflows for two types of sellers - individual sellers and business sellers. Individual sellers can simply sign up to your marketplace and create one-off product listings or add 1-5 listings for sale.

Business sellers can create more advanced accounts where they can create a large portfolio of products with more complex shipping profiles. Your business sellers can even use their accounts to create webstores with their own domain names. This feature gives them the freedom to build their own brand and supply to your multi-vendor marketplace at the same time.

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Multi Vendor Marketplace Software

Instead of looking around for developers or an open source marketplace platform or evaluating some multi vendor ecommerce script, try out our free multi vendor ecommerce software. It is all web based - no downloads or integrations required. Our free multi vendor marketplace lets you add sellers and listings, create product filters, upload logos and change site themes. Once you are sure you want to go live just upgrade, activate payment buttons and start using your own domain name. You don't need to mess around with any multi vendor shopping cart software. Just sign up and start adding sellers.

Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

Each time any of your sellers creates a product or listing, it shows up in your dashboard and you can then add it to your multi-vendor marketplace website with a single click, or you can request the seller to make changes to the product description or price. All your sellers set up their own Stripe payment accounts. You can then set a commission fee for your multi-vendor ecommerce website - each time a product gets sold payments are made directly to your sellers and you receive your commission fee in your Stripe account.

How To Build A Multi-Store Ecommerce Marketplace

You will need to attract enough vendors to your multi-vendor marketplace to make it a viable proposition. You could even start with just 10 sellers and build a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace from there. You can create a peer-to-peer marketplace with the individual sellers workflow and help people exchange household goods or just about anything. You can also offer all your business sellers an easy-to-use, free multi-vendor ecommerce platform on which anyone with basic business skills can build an online store. Your business sellers can also change their site designs by selecting from a number of 'themes' and customise them further by changing fonts and colors.

How To Build A Multi-Vendor Website

Our multi vendor marketplace platform enables you to build a complex product catalog structure, and organise all your listings into an easy-to-use navigational menu. Once your sellers are in place you can add their product listings to your ecommerce marketplace with a single click. Set up your navigation for the way you want to categorise products in your multi-vendor ecommerce website. Lets say you want to build an online fashion marketplace. You could use a marketplace website structure like this:

- Home

- Women's

- Men's

- Children

- Contact Us

Lets say you have sellers for each of the above categories. You can simply 'Add' your seller products into the above categories on your multi vendor marketplace website. You can then expand your site structure over time as your business grows:



- Tops

- Skirts

- Sportswear

- Accessories


- Shirts

- Trousers

- Sportswear

- Accessories


- Girls

- Boys

- Shoes

- Sportswear

Contact Us

All the products from your sellers go into the classification system above. Your sellers could be specialists in women's outfits or men's sportswear or kids wear. This is a very simple example, of course. You could end up having lots more product categories and deeper levels of classification - and hundreds of products in your multiseller marketplace. Creating navigation is very simple on our multi-vendor marketplace platform - you can create upto 4 levels of navigation with our multi vendor marketplace software, with just a few clicks.

You will also need to specify to your sellers what format you need your products to be in - some kind of a common naming convention across your multistore marketplace would be a good idea. Any changes to your marketplace products - titles, descriptions, photo galleries and prices - must be made from your sellers' interfaces. If your seller deletes a product listing it will be deleted from your marketplace as well.

Multivendor Marketplace Platform

Our multi-vendor marketplace platform also lets you collate pure informational content from your sellers. Lets say you are building a travel marketplace. Travel is not just about tour packages and holiday products, you need a lot of peripheral information as well. Airline info, medical insurance, ground transport, local customs - this is all information that you need to display on your ecommerce marketplace site. Fortunately, with our ecommerce marketplace platform, you can source this information from your sellers as well, in the form of 'Info Pages'. These content pages just have a title, descriptive text and photo galleries. They have no prices and are not a part of your multi store ecommerce system.

How To Create A Multi-Vendor Website

There is no limit to the number of individual sellers or merchants that you can add to your marketplace site. Your vendors are free to run their own brands or cross-sell their products with other businesses on our multivendor marketplace platform. You can invite sellers to sign up to Blipteam for free and create unlimited products. Our multi-store ecommerce platform automatically guides them through the webstore setup process, and they get a 5-step checklist that helps them add products and e-commerce functionality to their webstores. Later, if they like, they can upgrade their webstores to a premium account and get their own domain names.

Start Your Own Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace

Our multi-vendor marketplace platform encourages sellers to sign up to your marketplace - they get the freedom to create their own brands and be more than just anonymous product 'sellers'.

Got questions? Send us an email:

Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - our multi-vendor ecommerce solution has an in-built checklist that will help you complete your multi-vendor marketplace website and start driving sales:

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