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Blipteam lets you bring together multiple product sellers, vendors and merchants on your own multi vendor marketplace. Our multi vendor marketplace platform is completely web-based. No software downloads required, no coding required. Just sign up and create a multi vendor marketplace account and build your own multi seller ecommerce marketplace.

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Your merchants or vendors can sign up via your seller sign-up page and create products in their own Blipteam stores. You can then 'Add' these products to your marketplace site with a single click.

Finally you need to sign up with one of our payment providers, activate your ecommerce account in our system and start selling. You should build the first vendor webstore yourself to see how our multi vendor ecommerce platform works. Our multi vendor website builder also lets individual sellers sign up and create listings that you can add to your marketplace.

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How To Build A Multi Store Ecommerce Marketplace

You will need to attract enough vendors to your multi vendor marketplace to make it a viable proposition. Theoretically you could start with just 10 sellers and start building your multi vendor marketplace from there. You can offer all your sellers an easy-to-use, free website platform on which anyone with basic business skills can set up a webstore. Our multi vendor marketplace platform enables you to build a complex product catalog structure, then asks you for contact information and banner images. You can even change the design by selecting from a number of 'themes' and customise it further by changing fonts and colors.

Our Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

Your merchants also sign up to Blipteam via your seller sign-up page. This automatically locks them to your markeplace website. They can now build a fully-functioning website with their own payment gateway and domain name, but they can only supply to your marketplace.

The basic unit for sale on our multi vendor marketplace platform is a 'Product'. Your vendors can create multiple 'Product' pages in their Blipteam stores, add some descriptive text, a variant name and price and a photo gallery. As soon as they make a product available for sale you can add it to your marketplace site with a single click.

Your vendors can set up their own payment gateways and sell directly from their webstores if they like but the whole idea here is that they benefit more by supplying products to your online marketplace and save themselves the headache of coming up with paperwork for the payment gateways and just let you do the selling.

How To Build A Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website

Once your product sellers are in place you can add products from their stores into your ecommerce marketplace. Set up your navigation for the way you want to categorise products in your marketplace. Lets say you want to build an online fashion marketplace. You could use a website structure like this:

- Home

- Womens

- Mens

- Children

- Contact Us

Lets say you have sellers for each of the above categories. You can simply 'Add' your seller products into the above categories on your multi vendor marketplace website. You can then expand your site structure over time as your business grows:



- Tops

- Skirts

- Sportswear

- Accessories


- Shirts

- Trousers

- Sportswear

- Accessories


- Girls

- Boys

- Shoes

- Sportswear

Contact Us

All the products from your sellers go into the classification system above. Your sellers could be specialists in women's outfits or men's sportswear or kids wear. This is a very simple example, of course. You could end up having lots more product categories and deeper levels of classification - and hundreds of products in your marketplace. Creating navigation is very simple on our multi vendor marketplace platform - you can create upto 4 levels of navigation on Blipteam with a few clicks.

You will also need to specify to your sellers what format you need your products to be in - some kind of a common naming convention across your marketplace would be a good idea. Any changes to your marketplace products - titles, descriptions, photo galleries and prices - must be made from your sellers' interfaces. If your seller deletes a product it will be deleted from your marketplace as well.

Multivendor Marketplace Platform

Our multi vendor marketplace platform also lets you collate pure informational content from your sellers. Lets say you are building a travel marketplace. Travel is not just about tour packages and holiday products, you need a lot of peripheral information as well. Airline info, medical insurance, ground transport, local customs - this is all information that you need to display on your marketplace site. Fortunately, with our multivendor marketplace platform, you can source this information from your sellers as well, in the form of 'Info Pages'. These content pages just have a title, descriptive text and photo galleries. They have no prices and are not a part of your ecommerce system.

How To Create A Multi Vendor Website

There is no limit to the number of merchants that you can add to your marketplace site. Your vendors are free to run their own brands or cross-sell their products with other businesses on our multivendor marketplace platform. You can invite sellers to sign up to Blipteam for free and create unlimited products. Our multi store ecommerce platform automatically guides them through the webstore setup process, and they get a 5-step checklist that helps them add products and e-commerce functionality to their webstores. Later, if they like, they can upgrade their webstores to a premium account and get their own domain names. Our multi vendor marketplace platform encourages sellers to sign up to your marketplace - they get the freedom to create their own brands and be more than just anonymous product 'sellers'.

How To Start A Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website

You will need to figure out how many vendors you need to make your marketplace a viable ecommerce business. This number may vary from business to business. At the moment, all transactions between you and sellers need to be handled offline, so you will need to set up your own commissions rates with your merchants and set up your own payments system for managing your vendors.

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Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - we have a checklist inside the app that will help you complete your online marketplace and start driving some sales:

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