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Learn how to start an online clothing store and create an online clothing brand. You can use Blipteam to create a clothing website and sell clothes online, or bring together many clothing brands and apparel sellers to create a multi-brand, online fashion store.

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How To Start Your Own Online Clothing Store

Blipteam lets you do two things. You can create an online clothing store and sell your own original creations (or multiple clothing brands) directly to customers. Or you can bring together multiple clothing sellers and fashion suppliers and start a multi-brand, online fashion marketplace.

In the second case your sellers are responsible for shipping out items and they get paid directly into their own Stripe accounts (your fashion marketplace commission is deducted from each transaction and paid into your Stripe account). Your online clothing marketplace handles all marketing and customer support.

Start A Multi-Brand Fashion Marketplace

The fashion marketplace model lets you concentrate on marketing and building an online clothing brand while your sellers handle all product information, inventory and shipping. Your sellers can upload individual clothing items with a very simple workflow. Your business sellers can create more complex accounts with versatile shipping profiles. They can even use their business seller accounts to create their own fashion websites with their own domain names.

A lot of your professional clothing suppliers will want to run their own businesses in parallel anyway. On Blipteam they can supply to your fashion marketplace and run their own clothing webstores with just one account. No need to maintain product inventory in 5 different places!

Start An Online Retail Business

You can create your own fashion store or a multi-brand clothing website on Blipteam with a few clicks. Just sign up and our setup wizard will create your basic clothing website with a sample product listing. You can then dive in and upload logos, change site design, create more product listings and add your payment details.

Any online fashion retail business needs to have a very good returns mechanism in place. Figuring out an efficient returns policy is a crucial part of your online clothing business. You have to find the right balance between online sales and returns. Too many returns and you will incur losses on packaging, delivery costs and lost opportunity.

Learn How To Sell Clothes Online

If you do not have a clear returns policy customers will be wary of purchasing from you. Selling clothes online is about getting the fit right and finding a segment where you can maximise sales and minimise returns.

Creating an online clothing brand is all about addressing these challenges. Creating a fashion brand that is fresh and vibrant is just half the game. Creating an online clothing store is all about creating an efficient marketing and logistics machine that provides prompt online support, good packaging and on-time delivery. A no-questions-asked returns policy is just as critical.

How To Create A Clothing Website

Technology may seem daunting at first - there's gazillions of choices out there for setting up ecommerce nowadays. Finding your way through the online alleyways of social media can also be really confusing sometimes. With Blipteam all you have to do is sign up and our set-up wizard sets up your online store with a sample product in less than 10 minutes.

Create An Online Clothing Store Now >

You can then experiment with creating more products and your store design and set up some shipping rates (takes two minutes). Finally, you can sign up for a Stripe account, enter your account details in Blipteam, upgrade your Blipteam account and start selling. That's step number one.

How To Sell Apparel Online

Step number two is finding people to sell to. The great part of social media is that people click around, see new things, follow links and engage with one another. When you put up a post on your Facebook page, your friends will like it, some other people will see it, get curious about your designs and land up on your page. At that point, if you have your contact details and a link to your online store you have a chance of making a sale.

Also, customers will ask you questions about your line and some of them may put up posts about not getting a delivery on time. This is your opportunity to show that you are running a serious online business and are very interested in providing great customer service. The entire chain needs to be up - from your initial post, to your online store, to your contact details.

And then you need to know your online payments and returns mechanisms inside out so you can quickly answer any questions about a customer's online purchase and their delivery status. If any one of these links is weak your chain will break. Master the online selling process and run a tight ship.

How To Market Your Fashion Business

Master social media marketing and ecommerce at the same time. It is not rocket science and a few weeks' investment is all it takes to figure out online selling. Explore Instagram, Pinterest and other social media channels. Set up a separate business page for your fashion brand. People who follow your brand will get your latest news and see your latest posts.

Make it a point to invite people to follow you on social, whether it is existing customers, people you meet at events and through your online store. Creating a noise on social is no good if you do not have your ecommerce and delivery machine running smoothly.

How To Start An Online Fashion Retail Business

You may also have to sell through physical multi-brand stores or larger online fashion marketplaces. Having your own ecommerce store is a good way to display your designs to others and having a bit of self-taught ecommerce experience is valuable when you want to sell via a larger online fashion brand.

You know how to photograph your inventory and you understand the online delivery process. You know how pricing works in a competitive online market and there will be other designers and clothing sellers on these fashion marketplaces. Start an online clothing store on Blipteam, get some fashion ecommerce expertise and get a headstart with selling your own clothing brand online.

How To Start Your Own Fashion Business

If you are more into fashion business and online retail rather than an independent designer then you have to deal with a slightly different set of challenges. Some of these are already mentioned above.

You will need to figure out how fashion ecommerce works - how to set up an online clothing store on an ecommerce platform like Blipteam, how to drive traffic to your online clothing store, how to deliver and handle returns, social media, customer service, bank accounts and all that.

But instead of creating original designs and managing production you have to find designers and clothing sellers who are willing to sell on your platform.

How To Create An Online Fashion Brand

Maybe you can source large brands from somewhere. That makes it easier for you to sell as customers will trust well-known brands. But they still need to trust you before they buy from you. Another way is to build an online clothing marketplace that offers online marketing and ecommerce expertise to independent designers who do not have the bandwidth to handle these activities. Maybe you already have a physical clothing boutique with some small but interesting brands.

An online clothing store is your opportunity to extend sales beyond the walk-ins that you get on a monthly basis. Physical store rentals are an expense and all your customers may not be able to get there whenever you have some interesting items available. Your online clothing store lets your customers shop from wherever - via mobile on the train to work, or via laptop at home in bed. Your online clothing store lets you sell to customers in other cities as well.

How To Start Your Own Clothing Store

Understanding how independent fashion designers work is key to building a larger online fashion brand. Of course you could create your own online fashion store and stock it with large brands but there's probably lots of new and upcoming independent fashion designers out there who need help with online selling skills and an online fashion platform that can help them sell their latest designs. You can do this via Blipteam.

Blipteam lets you build an online fashion marketplace website with a few clicks. Independent fashion designers and clothing sellers can create their own accounts via your seller sign-up page and create products that you can later review and add to your marketplace website. Your sellers handle all product information - images, product specs, pricing, inventory and shipping rates.

In case you want to ship from a central warehouse you will need to give your sellers your shipping rates and they can set these in their accounts. Packaging, delivery and returns are activities you can set up yourself or handle offline with your sellers, depending on your business model.

Build An Online Fashion Marketplace

Your sellers also get a bonus on Blipteam. They can upgrade their seller accounts to set up their own webshops with their own domain names, logos and custom storefront designs. The products they create can be displayed simultaneously on their individual webstores and on your marketplace website.

This is a huge advantage for any independent fashion brand. Often they are going nuts trying to generate sales from their own websites, selling through physical stores and supplying to an online clothing marketplace such as yours. Your seller account lets them do this from one ecommerce platform - create one product, sell on their own stores, sell on your marketplace.

If you are an established online fashion brand with lots of consumer web traffic then fashion designers will flock to you anyway. But in the beginning when you still setting up your online fashion brand this feature is a good incentive for getting your initial fashion designers and apparel brands onboard.

How To Start An Online Clothing Boutique

Start with 3-4 design boutiques or garment sellers, build an online clothing store and see how the dynamics work. Work on essentials such as marketing and contractual agreements and then you can scale up. You can set commissions rates with each of your sellers separately.

Our fashion ecommerce platform gives your sellers and designers a good incentive to hop onboard and then maintain their own inventories and product pricing, thus saving you the headache of managing hundreds of products on your own. We also have information on search engine optimization and digital marketing that you can use to generate some buzz for your online fashion marketplace.

Building your product catalog is also simple on Blipteam. You could start with women's wear and then extend your catalog and sell mens wear online, or sell baby clothes online or sell kids wear online. Create a catalog structure in excel and then experiment with our cataloging system, learn how to open an online clothing boutique that you can scale up over time.

How To Start An Online Fashion Store

These are generic online clothing stores, of course. You can set up any kind of online fashion marketplace or create any kind of an online clothing brand. You could have a themed clothing marketplace - maybe you bring together artisans from some geographic region. Maybe you can sell yoga accessories online or sell leather bags. Or maybe ethnic footwear from the upper Nile delta, or women's casuals from Scandinavia.

You could concentrate on sportswear and gym accessories or footwear or just scarves or even cosmetics and herbal products. You could do outdoors clothing and gear or vintage clothing or bring together all indie fashion in New York City. You need to decide if you are going to create a niche fashion brand or start a clothing store online that can sell any kind of clothing brand.

Create Your Own Online Clothing Store

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