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How To Sell Furniture Online

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You could be an interior designer with your own line of designer lamps or luxury bed linen. Or you could be a large furniture retailer. Building an online home decor store is fairly simple on Blipteam. Just go to our home page, enter your business name and sign up, then follow the instructions. Our app guides you through the entire process of creating a furniture webstore, creating products and adding payments to your store. You can start an online home decor retail business in minutes - just create your home decor website on Blipteam and learn how to sell furniture online. Or even rent furniture online.

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How To Create A Home Decor Website

If you have a Stripe account and your product images are ready, your home decor webstore could be up and running within a few hours. Everything that you need to build an online furniture store is already set up in Blipteam and you can accomplish most tasks within a few clicks. Changing design, or adding a returns policy or changing currency - we've got everything in the app. Learn how to sell home decor online and start your own furniture store in minutes.

We also have a comprehensive shipping calculator. You can set up different shipping zones and different, weight-based product classes. This lets you set different shipping rates for bulky items and lighter items. You can also set up geographic 'Zones' - you can define free shipping for your domestic zone, or a no-shipping zone for countries where you are unable to ship your furniture or other home decor items. Learn how to sell furniture online and ship to anywhere in the world.

Start A Furniture Marketplace With Multiple Sellers

You can even use Blipteam to start a multi-seller home decor website, or create a furniture rental marketplace. Some of you may be sourcing furnishings, linen, woven handicrafts, accessories, accents and decorative items from multiple home decor businesses. For you we have Blipteam marketplaces, where you can bring together multiple businesses onto a single platform and put up all their home decor products on your own home decor 'marketplace' website.

You can even create a home decor marketplace where individuals can sell or rent furniture or handmade made furnishings to each other. A lot of young professionals prefer to rent furniture rather than buy. Switching jobs and cities frequently means that furniture rental is a much more convenient option than buying and selling it. You can set up a marketplace where furniture retailers or individuals can sell or rent furniture to these highly mobile professionals.

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Build An Online Furniture Store

You could be a small, boutique home decor outfit specialising in handcrafted tableware or maybe teak furniture or embroidered bed linen. You can build and sell furniture and start a home decor business from your own workshop - start your own online furniture store and sell handmade furniture online. Or you could be a huge, multi-department home furnishings corporation with a huge product range spanning across general furniture, kitchenware, garden and outdoors and lighting.

On Blipteam we provide you the tools to set up an extensive product portfolio, classified into separate product groups. You can create unlimited products and select from several designs from our front-end themes and sell furniture online with your own home furnishings webstore. Sell bedroom furnihings online, sell lighting online or sell kitchenware online. You can start a home decor store and create your own online furniture store and sell handmade rugs online or living room furnishings online.

How To Sell Home Decor Online

You can start your online home decor store by organizing your product groups. Lets say you import handicraft from Morocco and sell all over Europe via your online store. You could have a simple structure like this:

- Home

- Leather Handbags

- Brass Table Lamps

- Lanterns

- Wood Carvings

- Berber Weavings

- Pottery

- Our Artisans

- Contact Us

Or lets say you run a big home furnishings retail outlet in the US and you want to build a home furnishings webstore to reach out to a wider market. The first step here would be to organise your inventory.

You could organise your first level according to department or part of the house:

- Home

- Living

- Dining

- Bed

- Bath

- Garden & Outdoors

- Home Office

- Nursery & Kids

- Contact Us

Or you could set up categories according to product type:

- Home

- Furniture

- Storage

- Rugs & Carpets

- Drapes & Curtains

- Lighting

- Tableware

- Bar Accessories

- Contact Us

That is your basic webstore structure. You could add further levels like this:

Home (link to your webstore home page)

Living Room

- Sofas

- Carpets

- Coffee Tables

- Chairs & Benches

- Chair Cushions

Bed Room

- Beds

- Bed Linen

- Dressers

- Duvets, Quilts & Blankets

- Pillows


- Dining Tables & Chairs

- Outdoor

- Wood Furniture

- Teak Furniture

- Wicker Furniture


- Cutlery

- Dinnerware Sets

- Place Mats

- Bowls

- Coffee Mugs & Tea Cups

- Napkins

- Tea Towels

- Serving Platters

- Serving Trays

- Cheese Boards


- Chandeliers

- Table Lamps

- Floor Lamps

- Lamp Shades

- Night Lights

- Outdoor Lighting

- Candle Holders

- Candles

- Lanterns


- Wine Glasses

- Beer Mugs

- Wine Accessories

- Bar Accessories

- Pitchers

- Wine Racks

Home Office

- Office Desks

- Work Chairs

- Office Storage

- Cabinets


- Shoe Racks

- Coat Racks

- Laundry Baskets

- Magazine Racks

- Flower Vases

- Planters & Flower Pots

- Mirrors

- Drapes & Curtains

- Rugs & Carpets

Contact Us

That's an exhaustive list. Once you have your basic structure down you can start building product pages under each category.

How To Start An Online Furniture Retail Business

Our 'Documents' section helps you set up your terms and conditions and your returns policy. You should get professional help in setting these up for your particular business. These documents not only protect you and your customer but they also help to clarify how you ship your items, what kind of timelines you require for deliveries, how you handle returns and any other information about payments. Use clear and easy-to-understand language here. Your legal documents should seek to clarify, instead of intimidate, and they can inspire customer confidence in your online home decor business.

How To Build An Online Home Decor Business

Besides product pages you can also set up a number of 'Info Pages' on Blipteam. You can use these informational pages to tell people more about yourself, your home furnishings company or your furniture design studio. You can include home decor tips and articles on furniture care. You could post some interesting information about the craftsmen and artisans who worked on all those handcrafted items from the far corners of the globe.

This kind of information helps you tell your story and helps you build your brand in the long run. This is the kind of information that helps your customers remember you and recommend your home decor and home furnishings to others. You can read more about content marketing here and search engine optimization and generally learn how to market your products online.

How To Sell Home Furnishings Online

Some of you may already be operating physical stores or producing your own handmade furnishings and other items. If you have some product images ready you can try and experiment with a webstore right now.

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