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How To Create A Website | A Step-By-Step Guide

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Creating a website is no longer the realm of rocket science, just about anyone can learn how to create a website nowadays. You can make a website in minutes with a website builder like Blipteam, with ecommerce and all other bells and whistles included. Just sign up and start uploading images and text - its as simple as that. However, there's a few bits that go in before you dive in, such as planning, market research and learning how to craft good online content. Read on and learn!

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How To Build Your Own Website

In today's world it is highly likely that you would be faced with the task of creating a website for something at some point of time. You could be a clothing accessories designer or an automotive parts manufacturer or a chocolatier or a molecular biologist. It is quite probable that you will have to tell someone about what you do, or sell a product, or sell a service to someone else online.

How Do You Build A Website From Scratch?

You might want to put your grandma's 100-year-old cookery recipes online, or you may think your pet turtle deserves his own 30-page website or you may just want to sell your own home-made woollen scarves online. You could go the nuts and bolts way and write your own HTML code, create website design on Photoshop and then bung in a third-party shopping cart. Or you could use a website creator and ecommerce website platform like Blipteam to create your own website.

Learn How To Create A Website With Our Website Builder

How do you host a website? How do you create a web page? How do you make a website with HTML? These are probably the questions on the top of your head. In reality, nowadays you don't even need to know how to create a website, unless you want to create your own online application.

Just sign up on Blipteam, upload some nice images, enter some text when prompted and Blipteam will automatically create a mobile-friendly website for your business. Creating a website on Blipteam is as simple as typing in some text and uploading some images. You do not need any technical knowledge whatsoever.

How Do You Create A Web Page?

Our app has been designed for business folks who would rather spend time on developing their businesses than trying to unravel some hard-to-fathom website publishing software. Get your own domain name, sell your products online and change your website design with a single click whenever you want. You can jump in and see how the whole thing works. But it would be better if you started with a bit of planning and research.

How Do You Plan A Website?

Plan 3 times, execute once. You can apply this golden rule to about any kind of activity - from carpentry to digital marketing to invading another country. Often times we see people jumping in to create a website and then dropping out halfway through. Your website is just a tool - you need to think your business through before you start building a website for it. Planning your website is the most important part of building a website for your business.

Figure out how your business will generate money, what market you will address and how you will find customers for your business. Once you've done this the purpose for your website will automatically become clear and you'll finally make a website that is more realistic and in tune with market realities.

Experimentation is part of the process - it is good to experiment with website-building tools such as Blipteam so you know how much effort goes into building a website while estimating resources for your business. Once you've planned out your business and marketing strategy it is time to plan out your actual website as well.

What Is A Web Site Plan?

Think about building a house - first you draw up a plan, dig foundations, build your walls, put in plumbing and electricals, then plaster, paint, and furnish. In the same way you build a website by structuring information, developing content, creating brand and web design and then driving traffic to your website.

What is the purpose of your website? Is it an online product catalog for your company? Is it a corporate website? Do you want to make a website with reams and reams of content on a particular topic? Think about what kind of a website you want to build.

How To Make A Website That Works For Your Business

Think about how your website will grow over time so you can leave room for change. Once you are clear about your website purpose, you are dealing with two things essentially - structuring information so people can find stuff easily; and decent-looking website design that resonates well with your overall brand and again, design that makes it easy for people to get to where they want.

Remember, your website itself is not important - it is the products in there and the information in there that are important so concentrate on the good stuff.

What Do You Need To Build A Website?

Once the the purpose of your website is a bit clear you can start getting together some elements. You will have to come up with a name for your business, the shorter the better.

You may want to design a logo and collect some banner images and some product images. Remember to collect high-resolution images - raw images from your phone or camera are best. Images downloaded from Facebook are too lo-res to be used for a decent web project.

You may want to write some text about your company and bring together some product descriptions. You may also want to write some useful content that could attract users to your website. This is the basic amount you may need to create a starter website.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Whatever your business is, finding customers, reaching out to them and retaining them over long periods of time will probably be one of the biggest challenges that you will face as a business person. A pretty-looking website or an elaborate web store with hundreds of products is quite useless if there is no one coming around to visit it. Make a website that is of real value to your customers, not just to make a quick sale.

Just because you build a website does not mean that people will start landing up on it. A new website is pretty much like a lonely hut (or a luxury resort) in the middle of the desert - no one knows it is out there. You better figure out how to get traffic to it BEFORE you start building it. Even better, know who you are selling to very, very well. That way you will know how to reach out to them and what to say to them. Read up on search engine optimization, digital advertising and social media.

How To Get More Customers To My Website

You should also explore offline marketing opportunities such as print media and local trade and business journals. Blipteam makes it really easy for you to build a website quickly. What you should invest in is getting a bit of marketing expertise before you dive in. Learn how to make a website that can attract an audience, even if it is in a niche area.

Customer acquisition could probably be one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of creating your website. You can get customers to your website through word of mouth, advertising, local yellow pages and social media.

Our support section on search engine optimization - SEO - and digital marketing deals with some of the ways you can acquire customers without blowing a hole in your advertising budget. Invest in content marketing - generate some content that will drive traffic to your website or online store.

How To Build A Website With Great Content

Good content is what differentiates you from fly-by-night operators and people looking to make a quick buck. Well-crafted product content and spec sheets without errors tell your customers that you actually care about the products and services that you sell. And when you invest in creating peripheral content and value-add information about your business that tells everyone that you actually know something about your industry and that you are an expert in your field. Building a website and creating web pages is more about crafting good content than having a slicky design.

Good content also gets picked up by search engines and other websites. There's several aggregator websites that are on the lookout for good quality content and might just mention yours if they find something in there of interest.

What Are The Contents Of A Web Page?

Content is not just endless amounts of text, of course. Invest in good quality images. A web page with a nice infographic can keep users engaged on your website (longer page views score you points with search engines) and provide a great way of understanding your products or services.

A nicely-produced video can help you tell your story much more effectively and even go viral if you manage to strike the right chord with your viewers.

Online Brand And Your Website Design

For a lot of businesses that primarily operate online, brand pretty much tends to be represented by their websites and other digital properties. What is brand? Your brand is not just your logo and your catchy-sounding name. Your brand is who YOU are. Your brand is the WAY you do business, not just the way your business looks.

A brand is not about looking different or having a weird-looking website that people have trouble navigating through. A brand is about building trust and building a business that people enjoy dealing with for years and products that deliver more than they promise. Of course you can throw in a bit of panache or spice up things a bit but don't over do it.

How Do You Design A Website?

At the very basic level, your brand starts with your name and visual elements such your logo, brand colors and typography. Next is voice and tone - are you fresh and cheerful, serious and old money, dynamic or funny? Build your digital properties as far as your budget will allow - website, online shop, blogs and social media, digital PR and media. Make sure your brand elements (logos, imagery, colors and product messaging) are consistent throughout.

Blipteam's Design Engine makes it real easy for you to select and customise website design for your particular brand. Our design engine has been built for dummies and ensures you cannot mess up your web design in any way. It also makes sure that all your web page elements - logos, navigation, links, photo galleries and shopping carts are optimised for a great customer experience and appear consistently across all kinds of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

How Can I Make An Ecommerce Website?

You can extend your Blipteam website by creating some product pages - upload some product images and enter your product prices and your Blipteam website becomes a fully-functioning online store with an easy to navigate product catalog and shopping cart. Just sign-up with one of our payment providers and you can start selling online within minutes.

The product-creation interface is completely mobile-friendly, so you can create a website with products and edit product prices and information on the go, anywhere you want, anytime you want. And of course, your customers can browse your product catalog from their mobile devices and make purchases from any device as well.

You just need to manage your product inventory and make sure products are shipped on time. Also try and upload some nice product images. Most mobile devices have fairly decent cameras nowadays - it would be hard to make a mistake finding nice images for your website product catalog.

How Do I Build My Online Business?

Blipteam is not just about creating a website and selling products online. We have a networking engine that allows you to connect with other Blipteam websites and share products and services with them. This allows you to reach out to a much wider audience with your own products and find complementary products and services to sell on your own website.

You can use Blipteam to build a marketplace - small networks with your friends and business associates, or mega ecommerce marketplaces where you can source products from hundreds of other Blipteam merchants.

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