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How To Create A Marketplace Website

Build A Marketplace Website

You can create a marketplace website on Blipteam by simply signing up and following the instructions. There is no software installation required and no code to be written. Simply sign up and start building - from desktop or mobile. Your merchants create webstores on Blipteam from your seller sign-up page and their listings automatically show up on your 'Sellers' page in the web editor. Individual sellers can also sign up and put up their listings with a few simple clicks.

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Mobile-friendly Marketplace Website Software

You can have individual sellers with single listings or business sellers with multiple listings. Your business sellers stay locked to your marketplace but they can still run their own independent web shops under their own branding and domain names. Your merchants can also sell directly from their own online shops - if they do not want to go through the hassle of signing up for payment accounts they can just go through your online marketplace website and let you handle all online payments. And all this can be managed on the move with our mobile-friendly interface.

Your Blipteam marketplace gives your merchants the freedom to build their own brands while simultaneously supplying products to your ecommerce marketplace website. It also gives you an easy-to-use interface where you can monitor your merchants and add their products to your ecommerce marketplace website with a single click.

Learn How To Make Your Own Marketplace Website

Create a marketplace website with a free Blipteam account and sign up sellers. You can then upgrade your account and use your own domain name and get access to site analytics and our search engine optimization tools. Your free account also lets you tweak your website design, upload logos and create an animated image banner for your home page. See how it works:

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Completely Web-Based Online Marketplace Software

Our marketplace website platform is completely web-based - there is no downloading or software installation required. Just sign up and create a marketplace website. Our app also makes it simple for you to create your own multi-store online retail marketplace using any kind of device.

You could start a fashion marketplace, a home decor marketplace or a handcrafted products marketplace. You could have hundreds of travel operators or automotive parts sellers on your marketplace. Blipteam makes it simple for you to bring together all these merchants by offering them the incentive to build their own webstores with their own domain names and their own store designs.

They also enjoy the further benefits of having your marketing expertise and the added exposure and extra sales that your marketplace will bring. You can organise your merchants' product inventory into your your own classification system. All content, product pricing and shipping rates are managed by your merchants, saving you the headache of managing an extensive product catalog and product images.

How To Make A Marketplace Website - Start With A Free Trial

Try out our system - learn how to create a marketplace website for free. After you build your marketplace website, log out and sign up as a merchant and see how the webstore part of the platform works. Create products, like one of your merchants would, upload images, set shipping rates. Then view the live store, add some products to cart and make a test sale. That gets you familiar with the merchant workflow. Add more merchants, make test sales and upgrade to our fully-loaded Marketplace Basic or Pro option when you are ready.

Signing Up Merchants To Your Online Marketplace

Warehousing, packaging, shipping, handling returns, these are some of the challenges faced by any small-time brand. A clothing or jewelry designer or a handmade products or gourmet food manufacturer is best at something very specific - producing great products. There are maybe a handful of artisans and designers who have mastered areas of ecommerce such as marketing, order fulfillment and shipping. Building a marketplac website is only a small part of the business. A lot of problems lie in off-line management and logistics.

How To Create A Marketplace That Solves Real Problems

There are a lot of brands who simply do not have the bandwidth to figure out packaging or figuring out shipping rates or handling lost shipments and damaged goods, all on a day-to-day basis. These brands need solid logistics support. The challenges start right from step one - figuring out a decent product photographer, to figuring out how to craft readable content for their stores. Then there is the question of generating customer traffic and marketing their stores.

Finally there are all the logistical challenges of keeping an ecommerce engine running - goods getting packed and shipped off to all sorts of obscure area codes, 24-hour customer service and retaining customers over the long-term. These are the challenges you would need to solve while you set about building your multi-store, ecommerce marketplace website. Solving these problems brings real value to your marketplace - you need to understand the particular logistics problems faced by small brands and merchants in your industry and then offer solutions.

Create A Multi-Store, E-commerce Marketplace Website

Your first step, after setting up some rudimentary logistics systems, would be to sign up merchants for your marketplace. You can start a marketplace website with as few as 3-4 merchants. Lets say you have a retail outlet for women's clothing. You could start your online fashion marketplace with as few as 3 clothing or accessory designers. It would be a pain if you had to build an e-commerce website and manage all your designers' clothing products by yourself - lots of pictures, product prices and individual item details.

On Blipteam, your designers just build their own clothing webshops and you pull products from their webstores into your fashion 'marketplace'. Your designers concentrate on design and production. You provide e-commerce solutions for them and market their products via your master webshop. All sales go through your marketplace website.

Your designers are in charge of keeping their Blipteam stores up-to-date - they manage their products, upload clothing images, manage product pricing and keep their profiles updated. You are in charge of marketing all the products via digital, social, advertising and offline channels. An order can consist of products from multiple merchants. It is then your responsibility to ship out products to customers.

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Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - we have a checklist inside the app that will help you complete your online marketplace and start driving some sales:

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