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Got a boutique hotel, bed and beakfast or vacation rental property? You can create a hotel website on Blipteam and rent out rooms or your B&B or your holiday resort from your own website. It is as simple as signing up on our home page, uploading your room photos and creating separate pages for all your room types, activities and facilities. You can can build a holiday rental website, create a booking calendar and rent out your holiday home or beach villa with just a few clicks.

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Create A Hotel Website

If you have some images ready you could build a free trial website on Blipteam yourself within a few minutes. Our calendar feature lets you create monthly booking schedules for your entire property or individual rooms. Once your hotel website is complete you can upgrade your Blipteam account and use your own domain name. Stripe payments make it easy for you to receive payments online. Our hotel website builder is easy to use and any holiday property owner can use it to create a rental website. You can maintain rental prices and booking schedules yourself, from your smart phone if you want.

Bed And Breakfast Website Builder

Our hotel website builder works well for people running small boutique resorts or holiday accommodations. If you have a nice little cottage tucked away in the hills or a luxury mountain cabin somewhere you can use our hotel website builder to create your own accommodations website. All you need is a laptop and some nice images of your property.

If you offer holiday packages or activities or local sight-seeing tours your can use our tour product builder to create some online travel packages too. We have a lot of website-building and digital marketing tutorials on our site that will show you how to build a website for your ski chalet, cottage, beach villa, bed & breakfast or holiday resort. Holiday home rental is easy with our powerful rental website builder at your fingertips.

Holiday Rental Website Builder

Blipteam also works for you if you have a luxury camping resort, a wildlife resort or a wilderness camp, or winter camps, or any other kind of outdoors and adventure accomodations. It also works well if you have a boutique hotel in a large city or a cute little B&B or village retreat out in the countryside. You can build a website for your vacation property or holiday rental.

You could even build a website for your houseboat or motorhome or any other kind of themed accommodations rental. You do not need any tech help on Blipteam - just sign up and start uploading images and your hotel website is done! Blipteam offers an easy-to-use hotel website platform that you can use to create a hotel website for your holiday property, inn, lodge or boutique hotel.

Create A Holiday Rentals Marketplace

You can even build a hotel or accommodations marketplace on Blipteam. If you are based in a popular tourist area you can create an accommodations marketplace for all the hotels and bed & breakfasts in your area. Everyone gets their own website that they can run under their own domain name (if they want) and you get to sell their rooms or properties online via your own holiday rentals marketplace.

Create A Hotel Website

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