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Blipteam works really great for small mountain adventure outfits or winter sport specialists. You can easily create a website for your skiing adventures, holidays and ski lessons or you can build a complete ecommerce store to sell skis, ski boots, ski helmets, snowboards and all other kinds of snowboarding gear and accessories.

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Build A Winter Sport Web Store

We are all keen on skiing and snowboarding here at Blipteam. Nothing better than to do a dirt ride up to the slopes near our Himalayan tech centre, spend the whole day backcountry skiing and then camp out in the snow and enjoy a barbecue in the cool, crisp air under the winter sky (aah, amazing..). We do have to come down eventually, and write some code so you all can continue to build your skiing websites and sell all that snowboarding gear on your Blipteam webstores.

How To Sell Ski Holidays And Winter Sport Activities Online

Blipteam is a website creator and ecommerce store builder that you can use to sell your ski resort or sell your skiing holiday packages online. You could be working with one of the big ski resorts and still run a specialist winter adventure business or consultancy. You can use it to create an online ski shop or sell your own line of freeride skis or custom bindings for the pro skier.

Building a winter sports website on Blipteam is really easy - just go to our homepage and start filling out the details (you'll need to start with the name of your skiing or snowboarding outfit). Keep some images handy, enter your contact details and some section headers for your navigation and you're in business.

How To Sell Ski Equipment And Snowboarding Gear Online

Think about what you will sell - Is it your own ski or snowboarding expertise? Skiing lessons? Ski touring and backcountry holidays? Have you got snowboard pants and boots and jackets? Cheap snowboards and goggles? Snowboard bindings, gloves and helmets? You get unlimited product pages on Blipteam to sell all your products and services.

You also get free web pages to create general information pages for weather reports and snow conditions, equipment rental, snowboard tricks, skiing deals, sale offers on skis and links to other other ski websites. Its also good to have information on your resort town and apr├Ęs-ski activities in your area. Learn how to sell a travel package online.

Network With Other Skiing, Snowboarding And Winter Sport Businesses

That's where Blipteam's networking engine comes into action. With Blipteam you can not only get your snowboard or ski shop online but also connect with other winter sport and adventure outfits and other businesses that support the winter sport industry. Blipteam lets website owners share products and other blocks of content with each other. What this means is that if you have a store that is selling skis and ski boots, you could pick up snowboarding products from another Blipteam webstore and embed them in your website with a single click. This works well when you all have complementary businesses.

Lets say you provide ski lessons in Verbier and you have a friend who runs a chalet further down the mountain - both of you can cross sell each others products - ski lessons and chalet rooms. Or lets say you run a snowboarding outfit in Zermatt, you could cross-sell snowboarding and winter holidays with a snowboarder mate in Utah, or in Montana. You can network with skiers, snowboarders, chalets, lodges, camping gear stores and ski resorts all over the place.

A telemark ski specialist in Norway can hook up with a heli-skiing outfit in the Himalaya, a ski chalet in Chamonix can connect with a ski instructor in Colorado, ski resorts in Canada can network with helicopter pilots in New Zealand. Each time a customer drops by your website or webstore, they get to see products and links from your entire winter sports network. Similarly, you get to spread out your ski packages and snowboarding equipment all over your network and sell to a much wider customer base.

Connect Your Blipteam Webstore With Other Adventure Stores

You could go off piste and expand your adventure and extreme sport network - connect with your white water rafting mates, your mountain bike buddies, your dirt bike friends and all the other weird ones into fishing and angling. Create a complete adventure and outdoor network, source products and adventure information from that network and sell to that entire network's customer base. Your customers may ski with you one season - give them adventure options for the summer too. At the same time, your skydiving, trekking and fishing lodge friends are posting your skiing holidays on their Blipteam websites too.

Build A Skiing And Snowboarding Mini-Marketplace

You can also use Blipteam's networking engine to create a winter sport or adventure mini marketplace. You can build a Blipteam website in the same way as described above and then source ski holiday packages and rooms in ski chalets and lodges and snowboard bindings and gloves and boots and the entire kit and caboodle from other winter sport webstores on Blipteam. You can use your own payment account to sell these products through your marketplace and then pay your sellers to ship out products.

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