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Blipteam offers you an ecommerce platform where you can build a marketplace with individual sellers or small businesses and merchants. All you have to do is sign up, enter some details and Blipteam will build your marketplace website for you. You can set up Stripe payments and leverage our split-payments functionality to pay your sellers directly and charge a commission on each transaction carried out on your marketplace site.

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You can start building your marketplace for free on Blipteam. You can sign up sellers, read our marketing and branding guides and experiment with site design. Once you are sure this is the online marketplace you want you can upgrade your account, activate online payments and start using your own domain name, your own logo and select a website design from our many themes and customise it using our design engine.

Split Payments With Stripe Connect

Split payments from Stripe Connect make it simple for you to collect commissions while ensuring that your sellers get paid directly after each transaction. We have set it all up for you - just sign up, add sellers and enter your Stripe details with your commission rate. Blipteam will then automatically split payments between you and your sellers. Stripe Connect ensures that your sellers get paid directly and you get your commission into your Stripe account after each sale. See how split payments work with Stripe >

You will need one or more sellers with products to see how the system works. Concentrate on developing your seller network - if you are building a marketplace startup Blipteam lets you focus on the business side of things while we handle all your tech and design. Just sign up and follow the instructions and Blipteam will help you build a marketplace.

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Supply vs. Demand

The hardest part of building an online marketplace is cracking the supply versus demand nut. If there are no products on your marketplace, buyers will not hang out on it. And if there is no traffic on your site, why should a seller sign up? Its a classic chicken-and-egg scenario - buyers first, or sellers first? Where do we start?

Offer Real Value To Your Sellers

There are ways to solve both problems. Lets take a sellers-first model. Over the past couple of decades the internet has become an integral part of doing business for most people. Building a website or an online store is relatively easy nowadays. There are loads of ecommerce platforms available and technical help is often just a Skype call away. But what is not easy for a lot of small businesses is setting up an online marketing machine and building a smoothly-functioning ecommerce logistics backend.

Do you know how to run an Adwords campaign and optimise it for maximum returns? Can you ensure last-mile delivery to some obscure post code? These problems are your opportunity while creating an online marketplace. Packaging, shipping, customer care, handling returns - solve these problems and you will learn how to build a marketplace that solves real problems for your small business sellers.

Generating Traffic For Your Marketplace

Facebook marketing, Google Adwords, email newsletters, search engine optimisation, weighing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) against Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) - these are all skills that are way beyond the job description for a lot of small businesses and individuals.

Digital marketing, digital advertising, social marketing, viral campaigns, video channels and blogging offer marketing techniques that you will to master when figuring out how to drive traffic to your online marketplace. It is not rocket science, and you will need to experiment a lot to figure out what works best for you. Generating demand and driving sales are some of the major problems your merchants need solving.

Offer Your Marketplace Sellers An Incentive

Blipteam offers an important feature that will help you sign up merchants from day one. On Blipteam, your sellers are not just creating product and information listings on your online marketplace. They can also use their Blipteam seller accounts to build their own web stores, with their own domain names, site colors and logos. At the same time, each one of their products or information pages can be used as a listing on your online marketplace.

Offer Sellers Their Own Brands

A lot of small businesses want to build their own brands and not just be slaves to some huge ecommerce giant. A Blipteam seller account allows them to build their own websites and simultaneously generate sales from your online marketplace (they can sell directly from their own storefronts but only supply to one marketplace, which is yours).

At the very least, your sellers can use their Blipteam accounts to manage inventory and product information and use their free accounts for direct sales within their own communities. A lot of small businesses need to do this anyway - supply to marketplaces, sell direct to customers and manage inventory. You are now giving them a platform to do it all from one place.

Kickstarting Your Online Marketplace

This seller store feature can help you onboard your first set of merchants. While your sellers create their products and upload product information, you can set up your delivery logistics and start driving traffic to your online marketplace. It will take time for you to get to the level where buyers start coming to your marketplace because you have a large inventory of products and a reputation for reliable delivery.

This is the level where buyers recommend your marketplace to their friends and keep coming back for return purchases. Getting to this level will take time but first you need to jumpstart your traction-building process and get in some initial buyers.

How To Generate Buyer Traffic

Build an online content property, that is one way to ensure a steady stream of potential buyer traffic. The old methods of creating content properties and media empires are rapidly dying out. You start a political journal, or a sports journal, or create an entertainment channel, people flock to it, advertising space is sold, money is made - that model is on the way out.

Content creation nowadays is no longer the exclusive jurisdiction of media professionals with gazillions of years of media creation experience. Content nowadays is collaborative, interactive, and not just one guru giving his one-way opinion to the rest of the world. Anyone with a smartphone can create content nowadays. And there are numerous channels to distribute it.

Build A Valuable Online Content Property

If you are an expert in your field then you have a good chance of creating a valuable online content property. If you want to start an automotive marketplace then you can start by tackling the enthusiasts first. Build content around all the things that make automobiles fun - racing, off-roading, popular mechanics, motorcycling and all kinds of weird automotive fixes and remedies.

Once a core group starts hanging around your website, get them to contribute content, upload videos, invite friends. At some point of time you can start selling automotive products on your site, starting with products of interest to your core auto-enthusiasts' group and then gradually moving on to more mundane products like consumables and accessories.

The Beginnings of Your Marketplace

Your community members can start selling products too, that's what makes a marketplace and you can regulate the entire operation. Keeping an eye on quality control, making sure your media machine is running smoothly, investing in search engine optimisation, enabling e-commerce, shipping and returns procedures - these are the activities that will keep you busy once your marketplace takes off.

Creating an online content property can take a while to bear fruit. It is a long-term activity but might help you generate more traffic in the long run than short-term advertising campaigns. You may have a cheap source for your products or a large pool of sellers that will help you build critical mass quickly. If not, building a content property that is of real value or an online community around a theme is a good investment towards generating traffic and building your online marketplace.

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Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - we have a checklist inside the app that will help you complete your online marketplace and start driving some sales:

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