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Blipteam is a free website builder with advanced ecommerce features including a shopping cart, shipping calculators, calendar bookings and payment gateway. You can use it to build a free website to sell your products online. Or you can use it to create a business website or a pure information website such as a blog. To get started, just sign up on our home page and follow the instructions.

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You can sell on social media with your free Blipteam website or get your own domain name and build your own online brand. Just enter your site name, your contact details, upload a nice banner image and your basic site will be set up. You can do lots more with our free ecommerce website builder. You can create different site categories, upload information pages, play around with the design engine and create products for sale.


Create A Free Website For Your Business


Create an information-heavy blog or a corporate website. Or create a website to sell products. You can do this for free, from any kind of device you want - your laptop, your iPad or your smartphone. Our free ecommerce website builder gives you free web hosting and a number of free website templates that you can use to create a website.


Once you are ready you can upgrade your account and start using your own domain name. Upgrading also gives you access to our search engine optimization features and lots more design options.


Free Website Builder With Shopping Cart & Ecommerce

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Free Business Website Builder


You can create a free website for your company or business - you can build a corporate website with your own domain name and logo. Or you can use it to make a free website to sell products online. You can create as many information pages as you like and as many photo galleries as you like.


You can make changes anytime you like - our free business website builder is completely mobile-friendly and lets you update your website on the move. Build a free business website with shopping cart and ecommerce pre-installed and ready to sell.


How Can I Create A Free Website?


So what all do you need to create your own website? You need a name for your website, the shorter the better. Something like 'Liza's Lamps', rather than 'Very Pretty Lamps From Paris France Private Limited'. You may also want to get your own domain name (like at some point of time but that is much later.


You will also need to generate some text and write a little about your business, your products and services and collect some nice images. And before that you will need to think of a site structure that will see you through the next 1-2 years, something like this:


Our Products

- Product 1

- Product 2

- Product 3

Our Company

- What we do

- Our Team

Contact Us

You can do all this within our app but it is best to plan all this out on a piece of paper or in an Excel sheet.


We have lots more detailed information on creating your own website, or creating your own online store. All you need is an email address to sign up and create your own ecommerce website.


Free Website Creator For Business Owners


Our free website creator has been built for regular business people who have close to zero design or technical skills. There are no complicated features or code to write on Blipteam. All you need to do is upload your images and write some text about your company and your products.


And you don't need a PHD to create an ecommerce site either. You just create a 'product' page in Blipteam, upload an image and a product description, enter the product price and you are good to go. Our design engine lets you change your site design with a single click and it has been built for dummies. There is no way you can mess up your site on Blipteam.


Even then, sometimes it does not hurt to get some pro help along the way. You may consider hiring a professional photographer to take some product and corporate shots, or get in a copywriter to come up with some great marketing content, or get a graphic designer to create a nice-looking logo and some slick banner graphics. Or you can do it all at home and build a free ecommerce website all by yourself.


You can change things at any time with our free retail website builder so experiment as much as you can and get pro help when required.


The Best Free Website Builder For Creative Professionals


Blipteam is a great tool for web designers, brand designers, graphic designers, copywriters and digital marketers. It can be used by graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and marketing professionals to create websites or online retail websites for clients.


You can use our free website builder to quickly create a website prototype - you can have a website mock-up with a dummy product up and running within 10 minutes. And you can demo the entire shopping cart process right in the middle of a client presentation - all you need is a Stripe account. Learn how to build a free ecommerce website yourself and extend your graphic design projects to cover ecommerce website design too!


How Can I Make An eCommerce Website?


Visual designers and brand designers can use Blipteam to extend their design skills into the online space and further into ecommerce - you get a free website builder with shopping cart and free ecommerce website hosting. You do not need to download any software or possess any coding skills.


You can not only create a nice-looking website on Blipteam, you can also create a retail website with shopping cart and ecommerce pre-installed. Our ecommerce website builder has been tested on multiple platforms and it saves you the hassle of downloading templates and making sure they work on all kinds of devices.


And it just makes life easier when you can manage all your content and your photo galleries from one place. You can even demo your website design projects off your smartphone (though laptop makes the job easier). Blipteam offers a fully-configured retail website builder for all your ecommerce projects.


Start Selling Quickly With Our Free Ecommerce Website Creator


You could also be a fashion designer or a cabinet maker or a craftsman or an online retailer. You can use Blipteam to sell your products from home. Just photograph your products and upload to your Blipteam account. Each product gets its own photo gallery so you can display multiple views of each product.


Get yourself a Stripe account and you could be selling online in minutes. We have detailed information on setting up your store here. Or you can just skip all the ecommerce tutorials and start building right now - you will have your first website up and running in minutes and then you can use the tutorials and guides to polish your website and market it to people around the globe.


How Do I Make A Website For Free?


Our free website templates let you create a free website for just about any type of business or online store - you can be a travel company or an online clothing company or a healthcare practitioner or an automotive sports specialist. Our free website builder is also a favorite with adventure sport and outdoor companies who can use our mobile-based web editor to make changes to their websites from anywhere out in the field. No need to go looking for ecommerce website designers - get free ecommerce website design from the comfort of your laptop (or phone!).


You can also use our free website store builder to create a free clothing store or build a free home decor website. You can make real-time price adjustments at any time and take pictures from your smartphone and upload them to your product galleries with a few easy clicks.


Website Builder With Free Web Hosting And Free Website Templates


Our corporate website builder lets you create a free website with your own logo and gives you a number of free website templates to play around with. You also get an unlimited number of free web pages that you can use to create an information-heavy website. You don't need to pay separately for hosting. It is all included - get free website hosting with shopping cart and unlimited space for images.


You can experiment with your free website for days while you bring together all your text, images and product shots. Polish your free website, share it with friends and get feedback, improve it and then upgrade and start using your own domain name.


How Can I Make My Own Website For Free?


You can create as many product pages or information pages as you want on Blipteam. Explore the ecommerce section and familiarise yourself with the shipping section, in case you are retailing physical products online. Or just polish your content and create a professional-looking corporate website. Or create a content-specific website - maybe a hobby website, or an educational website or a self-help publication or a travel column.


You can use our information pages and unlimited photo galleries to build an extensive, content-heavy website. And it all works on mobile too. You can create links to other websites or your YouTube channel. You can even add links to your social media pages - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Trip Advisor and more.


Free Website Builder With Ecommerce


You can create a detailed navigational structure with a few clicks on Blipteam. You can build a multi-level organisational system for all the information on your website using our navigation section. Or you can keep it simple and just have 4-5 site-wide links. You can upload a logo and create animated banners for your free ecommerce website.


You also have search engine optimization and site analytics features but these are only available in the paid accounts. Our design engine gives you a number of free templates - you can change your entire website design with a single click. Our upgraded accounts give you more control over your website design and let you customise your site colors and fonts, again with a single click.


How Can I Make My Own Website Free Of Cost?


You also get chat support with your free account, so feel free to ask us any questions you have. Finally, you get free access to our marketing section. This gives you action items that will help you market your website to your audience via social media, search engines and other means.


You also have the Blipteam Mag for help with ecommerce, content marketing and site photography, and the support section for more detailed help on website building. The support section also has FAQs that will answer a lot of your questions regarding specific features and how-to's.


Online Retail Website Builder


You can turn your Blipteam website into a fully-functioning ecommerce store within minutes. You do not need any knowledge of ecommerce and you do not need to read any tutorials (or cross any wires or consult with witch doctors...) in order to start selling online. Our retail website builder takes care of all the tech. You just need to take care of your products and shipping.


All you need to do is create a 'product' page, enter the product name, upload a product image and enter a product price and the product appears on your website. You can specify which part of your website you want your product to appear in, or feature it on the home page if it is one of your popular items.


You will need a Stripe account (it is simple to create one on the Stripe website). Just enter your payment gateway details into our system and you are good to go.


How To Sell Online With Our Free Ecommerce Website Builder


You get a free website with shopping cart on Blipteam. Your customers select your products on your ecommerce website, check out their carts and make the payment on the payment provider's secure website, or on your own website if you are using Stripe. They are returned to your website after making the purchase and an invoice is generated in your Blipteam account. You can test out this entire process in under half an hour if you already have a Stripe account.


You still need some customers before you can make a sale. There are various ways to market your ecommerce website - through social, search engines and advertising. You get share options to share your web shop with your friends and get some initial feedback. Our website editor also has an entire section on marketing that gives you actionable steps that will help you kickstart your digital marketing efforts.


What Is The Best Website Builder For Ecommerce?


The best website builder for ecommerce is one that lets you build your ecommerce website fast, and on the move. Our free ecommerce website maker helps you manage inventory and lets you keep an eye on your web shop from any mobile device. You can use your smartphone to check and update your ecommerce website and change pricing on the move. You can start creating and ecommerce website right now but it would help you read up a bit on planning and researching your market before you start building a product website >


How Much Does It Cost To Build An eCommerce Site?


Our free website builder lets you explore digital publishing and ecommerce effortlessly. You can experiment for days with your free website, polishing content, finalising product pricing and collating images and text.


At some point of time you may need to start using your own domain name. You will also require your own domain name in order to start working on search engine optimization. SEO is a great way to start working on organic marketing and finding your initial set of customers. SEO also takes time to kick in so the sooner you get your own domain name the better.


An upgraded Blipteam account also gives you access to site analytics - this gives you more information on your website visitors and the key words they are using to get to your website. You also get full access to our design engine - this lets you customise your site design and align it closer to your brand.


Upgrades also get you premium support and access to expert site evaluation. There are no limits to your free trial. Take your time to learn and work on your content and upgrade when ready. Click here to see account upgrade options >


Connect With Other Online Businesses With Our Free Website Maker


Our free sitebuilder has one more super-cool feature - website networking. You can connect with other Blipteam websites and share information pages and products with them. This lets you cross-sell products and share customers with other complementary brands on Blipteam. You can also use this feature to source content and products from other Blipteam websites or build online marketplaces.


If you are a globally-distributed business with multiple operations you can use this feature to create subsidiary websites or specialised microsites and subsites and control them via your central master site. You can push content out to this sub network and manage content on a globally distributed operation from a central location. Learn more about Blipteam marketplaces here >

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