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Our free online store builder lets you create a free online store with unlimited products. Just sign up on our home page, enter your details and start creating product pages. If you have never set up an online store you will need to learn how to take high quality product pictures, write clear and concise product descriptions,and craft a detailed returns policy. Once your ecommerce website is set up you will need to figure out how to start driving customers to it. We also have an entire set of digital marketing guides to help you get started with online sales.

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We will start you off with 25 products. Once you rack up some sales we can unlock more products for you. Our free online store builder lets you sell online on You can also upgrade your account and sell with your own domain name. You just need to make sure your products are not in our Prohibited Items List. Once we review and approve your store you can start selling with a Stripe account rightaway.


We support free online stores in these Stripe-supported countries. For other regions we have 2Checkout - you will need to upgrade your Blipteam account and use your own domain name for this option.


Create A Free Online Store


Our free online store builder gives you a chance to experiment with ecommerce and learn how to sell online. We have product photography guides that show you how to take good quality product pictures with minimal gear at home. You can also learn how to create a brand identity for your online store. You can also learn how to drive traffic to your online store with our digital marketing guides and learn more about search engine optimization and inbound marketing.


Once you have learned how to set up products and shipping rates, you can upgrade, use your own domain name and get access to site analytics and other pro features. This lets you monitor site visitors over time and tweak your SEO and other digital marketing efforts.


Sell Online With Our Free Online Store Builder


Once your free ecommerce store is set up you will need to select your store currency, sign up with one of our payment providers and enter your payment details in Blipteam. If you want to sell direct just upgrade your account, get your own domain name and your store is good to go. You also need to think about shipping and how much it will cost you to ship your items a) locally within your own country, and b) worldwide, to other countries.


Our free online store builder features a versatile shipping calculator that lets you set up separate shipping profiles by weight and region and offer different shipping rates for products and discounts on bulk orders. Once your shipping rates are set you can start marketing your products via social media, word-of-mouth and other channels. At any time, if you need to change your online store design or tweak colors you can do so with a single click, from your desktop or your mobile device.


Building An Online Business With Our Free Online Store Creator


You can create a jewelry website or start your own clothing store. You can sell handmade goods online or sell furniture online. You can create a free web store and sell travel products or sell auto parts online. Our free online store creator is versatile enough to be adapted to a number of different industries.


You can make a free online store and sell clothing from your home. You could be an interior designer with your own home furnishings product line, or you could be a lighting designer or a luxury kitchenware designer. Sell designer lamps, tables, chairs, leather accessories, footwear, shoes, gym wear, sportswear, jewellery, necklaces, ear rings, pendants, shirts, jeans, or silk scarves online.


Our online store builder is a good ecommerce platform for you if you have a small workshop and want to sell online fast. You could be making your products on one end of your workstation and be selling them off your laptop at the other end.


How To Market Your Free Online Store


You do need to figure out how to reach out to a large number of customers in order to create a sustainable online business. We provide you with information on optimizing your online store for search engines and the basics of digital marketing. Social media can help you reach out to a large number of people.


Some products do well on certain sites - you can carry out small marketing experiments by posting your products or your web shop on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Pinterest and see which one works for you. Then you can decide to invest and advertise further on that platform.


Digital marketing is necessary if you want to grow your online business. We would all like to have someone who can tackle this part of the business for us but in all reality, in the beginning online marketing is something that you will have to master yourself.


How To Create A Free Web Store


Creating a free online store is just the first step in ecommerce. Digital marketing, at one end, and shipping, handling returns and customer service at the other end, are two facets of ecommerce that you will need to tackle. Online marketing and promoting your free online storefront is a process that can be broken down into a number of steps. You will need to figure out what strategy works best for your business.


Once your business takes off you can employ someone to take care of the day-to-day tasks such as putting up Facebook posts or handling your weekly adwords campaigns. Of course, if your business is highly localized you may be advertising in your local yellow pages and other local trade publications. You might be distributing flyers or taking part in events. Our free online store builder has an entire section on marketing that you can use to start selling your products.


Managing Your Free Ecommerce Website


Your online store has to be up and running with correct product information and you need to keep items in stock, ready for shipping. If you have items displayed on your store and are tardy with shipping or relaxed about following up on customer complaints your online reputation will suffer.


No point creating a free online store with hundreds of products that have bad product images, incorrect specifications, wrong pricing and insufficient stock levels. Create a free online shop with fewer products that you can manage well. Don't go on a product creation spree and then forget about your online store. Delete products that you can no longer support. Keep your online store fresh and up-to-date.


Online Store Builder


You can build your own online store and extend your physical shop into the online space. You can actually use your free online store to manage offline inventory and set product pricing. You can even display more products on your online store than you can in a small retail store.


You can create unlimited products with our online shop builder, so you can build a far bigger store on Blipteam than you can in the physical world. Make sure your web address is displayed prominently on your shop window - a potential customer might make a note of it and look you up later.


In fact, you should make it a practise to display your web shop address everywhere - in your email signature, on all of your social media accounts, on your cards, on your product packaging and invoices, on any printed materials that you produce, and of course on the product itself, if possible.


Ecommerce Basics With Our Free Online Store Creator


Our free online store helps you get started with a lot of things. You can test out your brand name and do some test-marketing within your friend's circle using the share buttons provided. A quick round of feedback will help you improve your product pricing, your product images and your online store design.


You can also use your free online store to test out our shipping calculator - you can create different shipping zones and multiple shipping classes by weight or dimension. Our free online store creator also lets you work on your messaging and website text while you compile content for your online business.


A Long-term Plan For Your Free Web Shop


Your marketing plan will take up a lot of your time. How do you sell? Do you supply your products to a number of multi-brand retail stores? Do you sell within your friends circle and in your immediate neighborhood? Do you want to ship products to other countries?


What will you do when customers want to return a defective product and ask for a refund? How about taxes? There is a lot that goes into a long-term online business. Your free online web store on Blipteam is just the first step in the ecommerce process. You will need to collate a lot of product images and marketing content.


Packaging, Shipping And Your Refunds Policy


You will also need to figure out how you will package your products and ship to out-of-state or international customers. Our shipping calculator makes it easy for you to create different shipping profiles by dimension or weight. You will also need to work on your refunds and returns policies.


Our free online store builder has a document manager that lets you set these up but you will need to consult someone to detail out your e-commerce policies and come up with documents that are applicable to your particular business.


Exploring New Markets With Our Free Web Store Builder


Maybe you have a niche product that can do well? Maybe there is a geographical location that is underserved by other, larger ecommerce players in your industry? Create a free online shop with a small number of products and experiment with social selling and online marketing. Once you figure out your target customers, product pricing and your geographical market you can upgrade to your own domain name and upload all your products with your final pricing and product specs.

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