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Learn how to open your own online store and sell products with your own online business. Opening an online store is as simple as signing up on Blipteam and uploading your product pix and prices. You do need to do some paperwork to get your online payments account going - you may need tax documents, your business registration details, a business bank account. Or you can just enter your PayPal email ID into our system and activate your online payments.

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You will also need to upgrade to one of our paid accounts to use your own domain name and activate your payment buttons. If you need some time to set up your payment details, you can still sign up on Blipteam for free and see how it all works. It is simple, our setup wizard helps you start up and our store setup checklist helps you do a lot of other things like setting up store design, uploading your logo and kickstarting an online marketing campaign.

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Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - we have a checklist inside the app that will help you complete your online store and start driving some sales:

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