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How To Create Your Own Online Store

Create your own online store and sell products online

Learn how to create your own online store and sell products online. Creating an online store consists of two parts - creating the actual store and then mastering the process of online marketing and generating online sales. Creating your online store is easy with Blipteam - just sign up and our store setup wizard takes you automatically through the process - from creating a product directory to uploading your banner images to creating your first product page.

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Then comes the not-so-easy part of online marketing and driving online sales. But there is a process for tackling online sales - from search engine optimization to digital advertising and social media marketing and we help you select the best combination of processes for your business. You can dive in and start building right now (just click the link above), or read up a bit more. Here is our 20-step guide on creating your online store >

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Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - we have a checklist inside the app that will help you complete your online store and start driving some sales:

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