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Selling online is completely different from selling out of a physical store. You may be a great salesperson and have a brilliant brick-and-mortar store in an upmarket part of town. But when you are online the playing field is pretty much level, whether you are a tiny ecommerce operation or a multi-billion dollar ecommerce giant. Your physical presence is replaced by dots on a screen, digital images and words. These are the building blocks of your online sales presence and you need to master the use of images and words in order to recreate your offline sales magic in the digital world.

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There are also a number of other online processes you need to master, such as digital marketing, payment gateways and coming up with your returns and refunds policies. Remember, your customers cannot try out your products physically so they are completely dependent on your online store for making a purchase decision. You can learn more about the entire process, here is our guide on how to create an online store >

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Blipteam is free to try. Just dive in and start building - we have a checklist inside the app that will help you complete your online store and start driving some sales:

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