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Create An Online Marketplace

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For example ‘Max Motors’ or ‘A Star Clothing’

Create An Online Marketplace

Bring together multiple sellers and create an online marketplace on Blipteam. You can create a marketplace where individuals and businesses can sell anything from clothing and motor parts to holiday packages online. Or they can share household goods or list professional services on your site.

Our calendar feature makes it easy for you to create rental listings for accommodations, work spaces, home furnishings or transport. We also have Stripe to help you automatically split payments between your marketplace and your sellers. Blipteam is free to try and you can create your own marketplace in just a few minutes.

We also have brand and marketing guides that show you how to find your first sellers and create an online brand identity. Learn how to create an online marketplace and master digital marketing skills that will help you promote your marketplace and bring new sellers onboard.

how to build an online marketplace
create your own marketplace

Check out our product video and learn how to build a marketplace website with multiple sellers:

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build a marketplace

Build a multi-seller marketplace on Blipteam and sell clothes, auto parts, travel and more. You can sell physical products or put up rental listings. Build a marketplace and help people share everything from toys to power tools to holiday homes.

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create an online store

Build an online store or website and sell your own products. Sign up for free and learn all about selling online - from product pricing to setting shipping rates and digital marketing. Create an online fashion store or a travel website or sell auto parts.

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ecommerce artificial intelligence

Our design engine already automates your site layout and we are now engineering AI that will learn more about your business and help you structure information on your site. Find out how machine learning can help streamline your online business.

> The Future Is AI

ecommerce and its impact on the environment

Do you know what happens to your products at the end of their lifecycle? Plastic from electronics, packaging and synthetic clothing is ending up in oceans and rivers, choking marine life. Did you know that 91% of plastic is never recycled? Click to read more.

> Fix The Planet