create a marketplace

Create An Online Marketplace

Build An Online Store

For example ‘Max Motors’ or ‘A Star Clothing’

build a marketplace

Bring together multiple sellers and create an online marketplace on Blipteam. You can create a marketplace where individuals and businesses can sell or rent items, list professional services or create entire webstores with their own branding.

> Build A Marketplace

how to build your own multi-vendor marketplace

You can invite small businesses to set up web stores linked to your online marketplace. Business sellers can sell through your marketplace and build their own brands at the same time and you can split payments with them using Stripe.

> Multi Vendor Marketplace

how to build your own peer-to-peer marketplace

Sign up individual sellers to put up listings on your own multi-user marketplace. People can put up items and services for sale, and our calendar feature makes it super easy for them to create rental listings for spaces or household items.

> Peer To Peer Marketplace

ecommerce and its impact on the environment

Do you know what happens to your products at the end of their lifecycle? Plastic from electronics, packaging and synthetic clothing is ending up in oceans and rivers, choking marine life. Did you know that 91% of plastic is never recycled? Click to read more.

> Fix The Planet